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How to Eat Out when You’re a Vegetarian and Not Get Stuck with a Boring Salad…

Cheese Free Pizza

How to Eat Out when You’re a Vegetarian and Not Get Stuck with a Boring Salad…

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A question I often get asked is what do I eat when I eat out. I usually have lunch at home as I work walking distance from home  but I do it eat out, not every night but probably at least once a week.

Some cuisines are more vegetarian/vegan friendly than others; feel free to add your comments or suggestions if you feel I have left any out.

Excellent – Lots of choice 

Indian – So many choices! Dahl, eggplant curry, potato curry, pea curry, okra curry the list goes on! I order brown roti instead of white rice.

Thai – I generally order a noodle dish with veggies and tofu and ask for them not to add any sugar (Thai food as A LOT of added sugar so be weary of that).

Sushi – If they use brown rice I will get sushi rolls, if not a soup with tempura veggies and agedashi tofu.

Anything Asian (apart from Chinese) – When in doubt find your closest Asian, modern Asian or Asian fusion restaurant and go there before someone suggests a restaurant on the bottom list. You will always have a range of dishes to choose from and you can always get a noodle, veggie and tofu stir fry if nothing else.

Good – A few options

Chinese (from the province of Szechuan) – This type of Chinese is spicy and has a good range of vegetarian options. Their spicy eggplant is the best!

Lebanese – Lots of dips, bread, salad, falafel and grilled veggies.

Mexican - Order tacos, burritos or a quesadilla with beans and minus the sour cream and cheese if you are a vegan.

Yum Cha – Surprisingly there are a few options – just make sure you go with someone who speaks the language so you actually get something vegetarian.

Okay – Only go if it’s someone’s birthday and you can’t convince them to go somewhere else…

Modern Australian – Usually only has one dish and it is always risotto some reason?

Italian – I order a pizza with no cheese like I did below. It is actually really yummy and I like having it once in a while but in general Italian restaurants don’t have much of a choice.

Normal Chinese – Stir fry veggies are probably your best bet.

Greek – Lots of dairy but they do have marinated veggies and nice salads.

If you end up at any of these places it probably best just to have a water

French – Might be okay if you are vegetarian but a big NO if you’re vegan or don’t eat dairy. You’ll just be stuck eating bread and white bread at that…

German, Hungarian, Brazilian BBQ and all other European cuisines – All a big no. Make an excuse and find your nearest modern Asian restaurant where your complicated dietary requirements will be more than welcome.


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