Feb Fast. Who’s In?

I have been nominated “Health Coach” for the level 9 office… Okay, I nominated myself but same. The deal is that everyone must give up something or take up something in February, as a measure to improve their health after the party season.

  • Two people are giving up soft drinks which I got super excited about – soft drinks are either full of sugar or aspartame. Soft drinks are also very acidic and the body is meant to be slightly more alkaline. Not a good combination, sugar and acid.
  • One person is giving up junk food & sugar
  • One person is doing the plank exercise for two minutes a day
  • And I’m giving up alcohol along with another colleague of mine

My friend Sam is also doing Feb Fast with me. We planned ‘Feb Fast’ back in January (when February seemed far away), and she cunningly reminded me this morning. I could hardly say no – especially given the nature of my blog, so we’re all in!
I’m not a big drinker anyway, but I am curious to see if I will find it a challenge? I’ll guess I’ll soon find out…

Are you giving up anything in February? Are you in need of a detox?

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