Live Healthy Simply | Learning to let go and an update on the wedding
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Learning to let go and an update on the wedding

Let Go

Learning to let go and an update on the wedding

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An update on our up and coming wedding in Las Vegas!

While destination weddings are great for so many reasons, the planning part can be difficult. This is mainly because we can’t look at the venue, taste the food or meet the person who will marry us until a few days before the big day and by then it’s too late to change anything major. We also only have a three hour time slot where we can talk to the wedding coordinator and if we miss it? Well too bad it will have to wait till tomorrow. Where is my patience? Oh wait I don’t have any…

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I spent half of Tuesday night thinking about carpet. Yes, you heard me right, carpet. Is the carpet in the room for the recption too red? I don’t really like the flower pattern? But if we don’t have it there where else will we have it? At a restaurant? No, they only allow a two hour sitting and the restaurant I really like doesn’t allow speeches. Do we really want speeches? I guess we could do speeches earlier? Or we could have a cocktail function? Do we want a cocktail function? Isn’t that more a birthday thing? Perhaps if we had white tablecloths the carpet would look less red? But it will still BE red, we can’t change the colour of the carpet….

This I am sad to say went on for hours – I became crazy bridzilla, the person I thought I would never be because I have far more important things to be thinking about..Right?! RIGHT?! I woke up tired and still annoyed and it was at this point I realised I needed to take a massive chill pill and stop thinking about the carpet. The finer details like the place settings, napkins and type of flowers are just background noise. What will really matter and be remembered will be the people who travelled half way around the world to watch us get married, oh and the fact that we are getting MARRIED to begin with!

So as of today I am letting go of the finer details and trusting that whatever the colour the tablecloths, carpet or indeed sky is on the day we get married, is that colour because it is meant to be.

What do you need to let go of?

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