Live Healthy Simply | How to Get Back on Track After a Sugar Relapse
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How to Get Back on Track After a Sugar Relapse

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How to Get Back on Track After a Sugar Relapse

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It’s very easy to talk about giving up sugar – but it’s another thing entirely to actually make the decision to no longer eat sugar.

You need to have will power and the ability to keep a promise to yourself. Studies have shown that sugar is just as damaging as alcohol and nicotine to your health; thats a pretty good reason to give up sugar, but it’s still hard to do.

For someone who talks so much about giving up sugar and how bad it is for you, I defitely do struggle with the willpower part. I would never put “unhealthy junkfood” in my shopping cart but if that unhealthy junkfood somehow made it home I would find it hard to resist. For example, fiance and I are setting up an online health food store and we placed a large order of health products to try out. Somehow…I’m not quiet sure how, we ended up ordering cookies sweetened with sugar!  My will power can be a little questionable if the cookies are just sitting in the cuboard waiting to be eaten. So of course I ate one…and then two.

I have come too far avoiding sugar to binge. I no longer even crave sugar, and I sure don’t want to go through the detoxing process again! And you know it’s never possible just to have one is it? Maybe for some. If I could just have one it wouldn’t be so much of a problem. The thing is you have one and then you have two and get in the habit of having something sugary everyday. Sugar is addictive, which is why you experience withdrawls when you stop having it, I don’t want to become addicted again. So in an effort to keep me off the white stuff, I wrote down a list of reasons why I no longer want to eat sugar…starting off with the most vain and shallow (but sometimes they are the most motivating).

Why Jessica No Longer Wants to Eat Sugar

  • I’m getting married this year, in a warm location (more on this later!) and there will no doubt be pool parties and the likes.
  • I already have my wedding dress and it is very fitted – Those who have seen it know it would be impossible to alter, I would be forced to buy a new one and drag everyone around to go shopping again. I’m pretty sure no one wants that.
  • It would be kind of embarrassing to have to post “Today I started eating sugar again…but you should keep on persisting…i’m just having a break for a week or six”.
  • My skin has never been better which means I now wear less makeup. I am not willing to forgo my extra 10 minutes of sleep to put on more makeup should my skin turn crap thanks to sugar.
  • I know the white stuff is not good for me:  it wrecks havco with my blood sugar levels, digestive system, skin and is finally stored as fat on my thighs. No Thanks.

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I guess my point of this post, is to say that everyone has moments when they relapse…and thats okay. You just need to remember why you are no longer eating sugar and make a point to getting back on the no sugar (or less sugar depending on where you are in the cutting out process) bandwagon. If you need some extra help have a look at this book for guidance.
I found making a list of why I no longer want to eat sugar really helpful so..
Why do you want to give up sugar? What are your motivators?

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