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We Are Getting Married in Las Vegas!

Tal Ronnen

We Are Getting Married in Las Vegas!

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We booked our tickets yesterday, so it seemed an appropriate time to ask you to spare a thought for me on September 25th; and pray that I don’t trip while walking down the the aisle! It only took us 10 months and researching nothing short of 11 different locations to actual find a location and venue we agreed on. We considered Sydney, The Hunter Valley, Longitude 131, Hawaii, Canada, Thailand, Maldives, Italy, USA, Narobi and India!  The last two not being considered for very long but still…

F is Canadian and I’m Australian so it was always going to be difficult trying to get everyone in the same place at the same time. Plus I agonize over making the most simple decisions (such as, what should we have for dinner?), let alone deciding on a wedding location! Everything in Sydney seemed to have been done to death and I didn’t find anything in The Hunter Valley that I was particularly keen on. I kept on saying I wanted to do something different, but I didn’t know what different was..

After a lot of tooing and frooing and confusing family members and friends, we decided we were going to go to Italy and get married, just the two of us. Everyone was okay with the idea (after much convincing) so we started making plans…BUT then I decided I wanted a few key people at our wedding, so Italy was called off and we were back to square one. What to do what to do…

Finally F came up with the winning idea..what about Las Vegas?! It ticked all the boxes, neutral territory for both parties, affordable flights and it certainly wouldn’t be boring! F said the best place to stay in Vegas is the Wynn and guess what? Wynn Las Vegas has an insane vegan menu because Steve Wynn transitioned to a plant based diet in 2010!

Tal Ronnen - Head Vegan Chef at the Wynn Las Vegas (and friend of Oprah - he must be good!)

 Photo via Tal Ronnen

Now all we need is a sugar free wedding cake and we are good to go!

What should be on my “must do” list in Vegas?  Do you know of any vegan friendly restaurants? 

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