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If I had a dollar for every time someone said “where do you get your protein from?” I would be writing this post from my villa on Sir Richard Brandson’s island. Eating a sufficient amount of protein is not difficult for vegans, as long as you are eating a balanced diet including nuts, legumes, pulses and my new favourite supplement- Spirulina.

I am currently in the midst of the 21 Day Live Vegan Program, run by my friends over at Vegan Era and wanted to share with you their thoughts about protein.

There is a lot of emphasis on the importance of large amounts of protein in society today but it is virtually impossible to be deficient in protein (unlike iron). In fact, the average meat-eater consumes 45% above the recommended daily intake and there are no recorded health benefits of consuming more than what we need and in fact there is evidence to suggest that any amount of animal protein is detrimental to health.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, says in his book, Arnold’s Body Building for Men:

“Kids nowadays…tend to go overboard when they discover body building and eat diets consisting of 50 to 70% protein–something I believe to be totally unnecessary… (In) my formula for basic good eating: eat about one gram of protein for every two pounds of body weight.”

So there you have it, no need to go crazy with the protein…glad we cleared that up.

A quick word about soy as it usually falls into the protein category for vegans and vegetarians – There is a lot of information stating that soya products are bad for you, and probably just as many sources saying that it’s good for you? Confusing right? We no longer consume soya milk (we have oat milk instead) but I do have organic tofu about once a week. As long as your soya products are organic and you are not having mountains of the stuff than I think it’s okay; I would love to know your’s such a contentious topic and it really is hard to know what to believe. Anyway I digress, back to…

A Great Source of Vegetable Protein – Spirulina!

hawaiian pacifica spirulina

Hawiian Pacifica’s Spirulina is about sixty percent complete, highly digestible protein and contains every essential amino acid. It also contains more beta-carotene than any other whole food; it is the best whole food source of gamma linolenic acid (GLA); it is rich in B vitamins, minerals, trace elements, chlorophyll, and enzymes; and it is abundant in other valuable nutrients about which scientists are learning more each year, such as carotenoids, sulfolipids, glycolipids, phycocyanin, superoxide dismutase, RNA, and DNA. I have just started taking it

Hawaiian Pacifica Spirulina supplies nutrients that are lacking in most of our diets. It provides athletes with long-lasting energy and reduces recovery time; it nourishes people who have digestion, assimilation, and elimination problems; it satisfies the appetite as it provides essential nutrients to weight watchers; it enables children and others who don’t like vegetables to eat their greens by taking a few tablets; and it helps busy people who don’t have time for regular, balanced meals to nourish themselves

Comparing Hawaiian Pacifica Spirulina with other foods shows just how packed it is with nutrients:

Spirulina has 300% more calcium than whole milk
Spirulina has 2300% more iron than spinach
Spirulina has 3900% more beta carotene than carrots
Spirulina has 375% more protein than tofu
I started taking Spirulina when I heard it was the BEST form of protein from the film Food Matters (yes even better than meat and with none of the side effects!) but I had no idea it had so many other nutrients until recently.

Another Giveaway?!

The kind people at Hawaiian Pacifica Spirulina have given me not 1, not 2 but 12 bottles of Spirulina to use for a giveaway on Live Healthy Simply. All you have to do is comment below and tell us “Why you would like to try Hawaiian Pacifica Spirulina“. Entries close midnight on the 28th March eastern standard time and the winners will be announced on Live Healthy Simply on the 29th – Unfortunately the competition is only open to Australian residence at this time 🙁

And don’t forget to enter the yoga giveaway, entries for that giveaway close tomorrow at midnight.

Wow sorry for the long post, I had a lot of words to get out today! xx

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