Live Healthy Simply | Review: Olive Leaf Australia's Olive Leaf Extract
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Review: Olive Leaf Australia’s Olive Leaf Extract


Review: Olive Leaf Australia’s Olive Leaf Extract

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A few days before I am due to go away I always start to feel a little run down. I don’t know if it is the nervous energy and stress of trying to get everything done before I go, but it always happens – without fail. So it came as no surprise when my glands were sore and I had a sore throat a few days before I was due to leave for my conference last week. As you can imagine this made me really happy and not extra frazzled in the slightest!

My Mum is a big fan of Olive Leaf Extract, she swears it’s the reason behind why she rarely gets sick and after looking further into it, I must say I agree with her. Olive Leaf Australia’s Olive Leaf Extract has 400% more antioxidants than the equivalent amount of Vitamin C, 40 times more health-giving antioxidants than extra virgin olive oils and antioxidant capacity that is almost double that of an equivalent amount of green tea. Who are making these claims you may ask? Australia’s Southern Cross University published these findings in The Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine (2007) so you can rest assured that the claims are real.

As soon as I started to feel not so good I started shooting back Olive Leaf Australia’s extract like a college student on spring break, and you know what… my sore throat was gone and I felt completely normal the next day. Now I know what some of you are thinking… It’s a coincidence, my body was getting better naturally etcetera etcetera and maybe that was the case. But I’m sure it had something to do with the Olive Leaf Extract which is why it is now part of my supplement routine.

Olive Leaf Extract can also be used for:

  • InEasing Fevers & Boosting Immune Function – Since 4000 years ago in Ancient Egyptian times Olive Leaf Extract has been used to help boost immune function and ease fevers
  • Cardiovascular Health – Phenolic Olive compounds such as Oleuropein may protect the heart and circulatory system – EurOlive study (2011)
  • Metabolic Syndrome – Olive Leaf Extract is recognised for its ability to maintain blood pressure within a healthy range. It also may prevent the onset of Metabolic Syndrome – The Journal of Nutrition (2010)

Do you take Olive Leaf Extract? Are you keen to try it?

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  • Lillian | Mar 12, 2012 at 9:25 pm

    I have Olive Leaf every day but not happy with the taste. I will try this brand.

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