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Restaurant Review Hugos Manly

Gluten Free Vegan Pizza

Restaurant Review Hugos Manly

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For those of you not from Sydney, Manly is a beach town about half an hour drive or ferry ride from the city.  It’s surprising how rarely we venture to Manly so when Erica and Al asked us to visit, we jumped at the opportunity to get out of our no-more -than-10 minute -drive cocoon.

NB:  I’m not pregnant – the billowy top plus awful angle isn’t doing me any favours…but hey we’ll just have to run with it.

We went to Hugos Manly, which I must say I like a million times more than Hugos Pizza in Kings Cross. Far less pretentious, better service and stunning views. The restaurant is also about six times the size so you’re not shoved up against some skinny Eastern Suburbs socialite pretending to eat their salad – True story.

I ordered a gluten free pumpkin pizza with zucchini and pine nuts; although the pine nuts were few and far between, overall I really enjoyed the pizza. And because I ordered a gluten free base I didn’t have the icky full feeling I get if I eat pizza with a regular base.

Thanks for a great night Manly, we should visit you more often!

Question: Have you been to Manly? What is your favourite place in Sydney

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