Review and Giveaway: Rich In Health High Protein Powder

I have mentioned before about my love of RICH IN HEALTH® – High Protein Powder and since at Live Healthy Simply we are all about giving, we have yet another giveaway for you! Rich in Health have donated three protein shakers full of chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and plain protein. Thanks so much! I add their protein powder to my smoothie every morning so it is safe to say I am a fan 🙂
Pea protein is vegetable based rather than grain based protein and because of this it is alkaline in nature, which makes it more digestible. The protein powder is refined from the Golden Pea and has a concentrated 82% bio-availability, boasting a balanced amino acid profile greater than any other vegetable based protein. All of their High Protein Powders are free from artificial colourings or additives, gluten free, low GI rating and 100% vegan. It should however be noted that it has a high sodium content, something to be aware of.
Chocolate Smoothie
300 ml water
300 ml milk (oat, almond, soya or rice)
1 tablespoon chia
Handful of blueberries
1 cup chocolate RICH IN HEALTH® – High Protein Powder
1 tablespoon cacao

rich in health high protein powder

To be in the running for one of the giveaway packs comment below and say way you would like to try this amazing protein. For residents of Australia only unfortunately. Oh and before I go on I am still waiting to hear from Amy – one of the winners from the yoga giveaway…If I don’t hear from you by Friday I’m going to have to give it to someone else!!! Please contact me ASAP. And congrats to everyone who entered the Hawaiian Pacifica Spirulina Giveaway – You will all be receiving a bottle of spirulina in the mail next week x

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