Sugar Free And Vegan Wedding Cakes

We have finally paid the deposit for the wedding ceremony, there is no turning back now!

To celebrate the fact we finally have something organized, I have allowed myself to look at wedding cakes! All these cakes are sugar-free…

sugar free wedding cakes

sugar free wedding cakes

and this was Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi wedding cake, it’s vegan red velvet – Yum!!

sugar free wedding cakes

Did you have a vegan or sugar-free wedding cake? What is your favourite vegan or sugar-free cake recipe?

I need some advice: Our ceremony is taking place at the Wynn and we are also staying there but we’re not sure if we should have the reception at the hotel or somewhere else? Have you been to Vegas before? Any suggestions?

Tomorrow night I’m having dinner at Yulli’s and I’m embarrassed to say I have never eaten there before. Umm isn’t it like the best vegetarian restaurant in Sydney, with a million vegan options? Yep, that’s the one…like I said embarrassed :0

Happy Weekend! x

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