You Can Say No To Sugar

Something I really struggled with when I was giving up sugar was how do I say no to muffins and cake? I’m not talking about Natvia sweetened cakes which are baked at home and full of (mainly) healthy ingredients; I’m talking about sugar filled cakes, muffins, bars and slices which are exploding with the white stuff. My attitude towards sugar for a looong time went something like this: So what if it has a little (or a lot of sugar) in the ingredients, sugar is natural, sugar is in everything, you can’t avoid it so you might as well get on board and start eating it! I wasn’t interested in hearing that sugar was bad for you, so I conveniently avoiding listening to my Mum, health blogs, books etc – I wasn’t ready to hear the truth. Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar Ebook finally turned me around, lots of cold hard facts that you can’t avoid. Just what I needed.

no to sugar

Change how you view sugar (and sugar filled cakes)

Before the Ebook when I used to think of sugar I thought of birthday parties, special occasions and “rewarding” myself by having cake or a piece chocolate. I needed to change how I viewed sugar in order for me to stop wanting it. A reward or treat shouldn’t be something that makes you feel sick and has no health benefits. Why are you rewarding yourself with something that gives you bad skin, excess weight, mood swings, raised blood sugar levels and digestive problems? As soon as I came to this realization it made it that much easier to give up sugar.

What about everything moderation?

I know what some of you are thinking.Isn’t giving up sugar altogether a bit drastic? Surely moderation is the key? I don’t know about you but the times I have tried to have sugar in “moderation” it hasn’t worked particularly well – one biscuit turned into five, 1 piece of cake turned into half of Faiz’s birthday cake (in all fairness, since there is only two of us, I was entitled to half!) For me sugar and moderation don’t work, I found it much easier to give up sugar altogether than have a little and be tempted to have more.

For some sugar-free recipe, inspiration has a look at Chocolate Muffins, Pancakes with Chocolate Butter and Chocolate Crackles. Hmm, I bet you can’t tell I’m a big chocolate fan, can you? And finally, this is the last day you can enter the yoga giveaway, get your entries in quick!

Question: Can you eat sugary foods in moderation? What advice can you give to anyone wanting to give up sugar?

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