Dear Pretending To Be Concerned

For a Friday you would probably prefer a pretty montage of photos but I need to get this off my chest.

People often assume that if you eat healthy or are vegan that you must be in a constant state of deprivation. No one could actually eat healthy and enjoy it right?  Ladies and gentlemen this is where you are sadly mistaken. Unfortunately (or fortunately) if you’re reading this blog I’m probably preaching to the converted, but maybe you might be able to relate or share some insight as to how to deal, as I have been coming accross this issue alot lately? Has anyone else?

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When I say no to birthday cake or lollies at work I’m often met with-why are you so restrictive with your diet? Why are you depriving yourself.

“Depriving” seems to be the buzz word at the moment, it was mentioned in my Women’s Health & Fitness interview and I have read numerous blog post over the last few months that go something along the lines of why deprive yourself, life’s too short not to eat cake!

Umm yeah it is – just stop eating crappy cake full and crappy ingredients and you can eat all the cake you want.

Healthy people without even trying to seem to insult others by their food choice. Sure I might blog about food but in “real life” I don’t question what anyone eats – if they ask me for my opinion I’ll give it but I would never volunteer it. However if I politely say no to a biscuit I’m often met with the “deprivation speech” concluded with well it tastes really good, your the one who is missing out! Great thanks so much.

 I eat mainly plant based whole foods and the truth is I don’t crave “traditional” junk food anymore. I’m not “depriving” myself because I no longer want these types of foods – real deprivation would be having to give up chocolate crackles or homemade chocolate!

There are so many amazing tasting and healthy foods out there that help your body, sure it takes a bit more creativity and organisation in the beginning but isn’t that half the fun?

So the next time someone politely declines your tim tam, just let it go…They may allergic, avoiding a particular ingredient, unable to eat it for religious reasons or simply not hungry. Just as you don’t like to be questioned over what you do and don’t eat, I’m sure neither does your friend!

Questions: Do you ever feel like you have to justify what you do and don’t eat? Any strategies for dealing with this?

What’s everyone getting up to this weekend? I’m going to an anti gravity yoga class tomorrow, I’ll let you know how I go…xx

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