Film Review: Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

Juicing has quickly become part of my daily routine, so much so you would never guess I’ve only had my Philips QuickClean Juicer< for a week! Given that I am in this juice craze, it seemed only appropriate to watch Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead – The iconic film that inspired so many to get on the juicing bandwagon.

Beetroot Juice

The film documents Joe Cross’ quest to regain his health by going on a 60-day juice fast. Joe is overweight, suffering from autoimmune disease and is on truckloads of medication, he sees the fast as a way to reboot his system and get his health back on track. While on the fast he travels through the USA to inspire and educate others on the benefits of juicing and eating a plant based diet. The documentary is really entertaining and incredibly heart warming – whenever he loses weight you feel like high fiving the screen! Drink juice, eat plants, combine it with moderate exercise and the weight literally falls off you!

If you are new to juicing or trying to lose weight buy this film!

Questions: Have you watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead? Have you lost weight or experienced other positive side effects from juicing?

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