Guess Who’s in Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine?

Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine was kind enough to interview me for their Mother’s Day issue

Happy Mother’s Day Mum!

Some other things which are making me happy this week…

This cute T shirt Amanda from Vegan Era sent me to say thank you for promoting the 21 Day Live Vegan Program. The program will be running again in July, stay tuned.

My new business cards I order from Pixelimpress – I love that they are square and don’t look like typical business cards. The real bonus is I no longer have to write Live Healthy Simply’s URL on the back of my other business card…gosh, I’m getting professional.

Apologies for the chipped nail polish
Dinner at Yulli’s – It was even better (how is that possible!) the second time around. Thanks to Faiz, Ross, and Christine for a lovely night <3

I wasn’t planning on matching the furniture.It just happened that way.

And last but certainly not least, my QuickClean Philips juicer arrived!!!!

More on this next week.

Question: What is making you happy this week? What is getting up to on the weekend?

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