Live Healthy Simply | Recipe: Carob Crunch
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Recipe: Carob Crunch

The Muesli Carob Crunch

Recipe: Carob Crunch

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I love chocolate but sometimes even the biggest chocolate fans need a break…even if it’s only a little break.

Carob alkalises the body and is caffeine free, which makes it perfect for children and adults.

 I never used to be a big fan of carob, but once I got over the fact that it isn’t chocolate nor is it trying to be, we started to get on much better. I’m even starting to love the slightly bitter aftertaste.


1 handful dried blueberries

1 handful dried cranberries

4 handfuls The Muesli

1 tablespoon Natvia

1 tablespoon Raw Cacao Powder

1 tablespoon Planet Organic Carob

4 tablespoon Planet Organic Tahini

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and dollop the mixture onto a plate covered with grease proof paper. Place the plate in the fridge to set, or just eat the mixture straight out of the bowl…No one’s judging, promise.

Questions: What’s you take on Carob? Have you tried it? Which do you prefer Carob or Cacao?

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