We’re in Cleo Magazine!

News this week

Ursula and I are in June’s issue of Cleo taking about what motivates us!

We mention my wedding, pool parties and Live Healthy Simply!

Niether of us are big fans of shift dresses but overall it turned out pretty well 🙂

If you’re in Australia get yourself a copy!

I discovered SHFT yesterday

The website is a creation of film producer Peter Glatzer and the dreamy Adrian Grenier.

It covers sustainable food, fashion, design, art, homes, gardens and energy. Make sure you have a look!

And just incase you have missed me harping on about sugar..

A new study shows that not only does sugar make us fat, ruin our teeth & screws up our skin and digestive system it also makes us dumb!

What interesting health news or websites have you found recently?

Have a healthy and happy weekend!

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