The Top 7 Juicing Questions

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Here are the top 7 questions I have been asked since I started juicing. I hope you find the answers useful if you have any other questions please ask away in the comments below!

Why not bottled juice?

Bottle juice is missing fiber, live nutrients & enzymes. By the time it gets to you it’s just sugar water and you will be surprised at how much “juice” also has added sugar listed on the ingredients label.

How much natural sugar is in juice?

That depends on what vegetables & fruits you decide to juice. Fruits are obviously higher in sugar and some vegetables, like carrots, are high in sugar too. Because of this I opt for vegetable juices and add in a carrot or two to make it a little sweeter.

Wouldn’t it be cheaper just to buy juice out?

Well, that would depend on how often you intend on juicing but I would say no if you intend on juicing seriously (and believe me you want to be a pro juicer, not a part time juicer). You can pick up a juicer for around the $100 mark, mine retails for $189. When you make your own juice you also know the quality of your fruits and vegetables you are using which is uber important.

But aren’t you are missing out on fiber if you juice?!

The better the juicer, the more fiber will be in your juice. Yes, it isn’t the same thing as eating the same amount of veggies but it wouldn’t be impossible to eat that many vegetables in one sitting. Tell me who can eat a bunch of kale, a stalk of broccoli, four carrots, one beetroot & half a bunch of celery in a sitting?

What do you do with the pulp?

This is something I feel bad about. We don’t have a compost due to our lack of backyard and balcony but the good news is we have the Urban Composter on our gift registry and our next place will have a balcony (or maybe even a back yard!) so we will be able to compost. The lady in the store found it very amusing that I got so excited over the composter – it’s really chic. Jason Vale recommends using the remnants from juicing as a face mask.

When is the best time to juice

On an empty stomach. I like to juice when I get home from work, around 6 pm. I would usually have a snack before dinner and now I have a juice instead.

Question: Do you have a juicing question that you would like answered? Write it in the comments below!

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