10 Opportunities to Exercise When You’re Strapped For Time

I think I’ve heard every excuse when it comes to exercising, probably because they have all come out of my mouth on more than one occasion! I’m tired, I’m sick, I forgot my sweat band and I’ve just washed my hair or the excuse of all excuses… I don’t have time. The “I don’t have time excuse” is a killer you will always be able to find something you’d rather do, tricking yourself into thinking you don’t have time when in fact you do if you just need to get your sh!t together and make time.

Regardless of what you think of John Howard (an ex Prime Minister of Australia), he was known for going on a walk every morning while he was in office. Now if a Prime Minister can manage to go for a walk every morning with all the stuff he has going on, then really what excuse do we have?! It’s time to do some serious lifestyle rearranging and make time to exercise. FYI cute gym gear and Victoria Secret inspiration do you wonders!

10 Opportunities to Exercise When You’re Strapped for Time

  • Work out at lunch. Really who wants to sit at their desk all day? Get up and go to the gym, a yoga class or go for a run or walk.
  • Don’t have time to exercise once the day gets going? I guess you’ll just have to get up earlier (I hate waking up early so I make time during the day)
  • Get off the bus a stop earlier and walk home
  • Avoid escalators and lifts and take the stairs instead
  • Instead of driving ride a bike to the shops, yes I know it’s easy to take the car but incidental exercise is the best type of exercise!
  • Do leg raises while watching TV
  • Practice 15 minutes of yoga before going to bed each night, an added bonus it will relax you too
  • Do triceps dips on a chair while waiting for dinner to be cooked
  • Don’t have time to go to the gym? Do a 20-minute ab and squat work out when you get home
  • Only have 2 minutes to spare? Hold plank for 2 minutes or 3 if you can spare an extra minute 😉

Leave a comment letting me know how you exercise when you’re strapped for time, I’d really love to know! Oh and please share this article with your friends 🙂

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