How to Create a Hot Evening Look Using Natural Makeup

I love makeup and everything beauty related, but what I don’t love is all the nasty ingredients in regular makeup. When I made the switch to wear only natural makeup at the start of the year I was sure my makeup loving days were over – While I knew natural makeup would be better for my skin, I didn’t think it would be particularly fun to wear…

Fortunately, this is not the case!!

There are so many fun and functional natural makeup brands out there and INIKA is one of my favs. Today my good friend Katri Richards shares with you how to create a hot evening look using natural makeup…Take it away Katri.

When the words Organic Makeup are mentioned, most of us automatically think of neutral, sheer colours and a light application of foundation. Organic makeup collections these days have a lot more variety though so when Jessica set me a challenge of writing some tips and tricks for an evening makeup look using organic cosmetics, I didn’t even hesitate – the game was on!!

There are lots of natural makeup brands out there, but after doing some research on ingredients being used and reading through numerous brand stories, I decided to feature the INIKA products. INIKA is a glamorous, fashion-forward and 100 percent natural Australian mineral cosmetics brand. The INIKA difference lies in the purity of its ingredients. All INIKA products are guaranteed to be completely free from harsh chemicals, fillers, talc, bismuth oxychloride, GM ingredients, parabens, preservatives, mineral oils, phthalates and fragrances. Inika is also one of the very few makeup brands in the world to be 100 percent certified Vegan, Halal and Cruelty-Free.

The colours in this look are from INIKA’s limited edition Le Rouge Et Le Noir collection, where I’ve created a smoky eye look tips, featuring their gorgeous green eye shadows, teamed up with perhaps one of the best eyeliner pencils I have EVER used (and believe me I’ve used a lot!!)!

Steps to achieve the smoky eye look:

Step 1. Prep the under eye area by using a concealer to minimise signs of dark circles and creating an even base and finish off by applying a little bit of powder. Eye makeup never looks finished unless the under eye area is properly prepped and concealed!

Step 2. Start with a base for the eyelids – depending on how oily your eyelids tend to get, use either your foundation, some sheer powder or even a liquid type of illuminator as a base. It’s ideal to use a lighter neutral shade just on the brow bone to highlight that area.

Step 3. Apply the lighter shade of green (Lust) to the whole of the top eyelid and make sure it is evenly applied. Either a medium or large eye shadow brush or a sponge tip applicator will do the job! Please note that when working with loose mineral eye shadows like these, tap the eye shadow brush against the palm of your hand to get rid of any excess loose shadow – this way the excess shadow ends up on your hand and not on your cheeks!!

Step 4. Start with the darker colour (Seduction), apply it at the outer corner of the eye – the way I normally start building the depth is by painting a ‘triangle’, so colouring the very outer corner of the eye with the dark shade, then using a slim eye shadow brush I extend that dark shade into the crease. Then it’s all about BLENDING!! So use an eye shadow brush that is more on the ‘fluffy’side to blend the darker shade so it blends in with the lighter green; the tip is to use strokes going outwards and upwards – and remember practice makes perfect so take your time and practise this before an actual event! One way to also make the colours blend together more nicely is to use a little bit of the lighter green shade and run that across the edges of the dark shadow, this way the job of blending gets easier and you’ll be left with no harsh lines between the two shades!

Step 5. Finish the look with lining your eyes with the black liner pencil. For an evening look I always like to line my bottom lid as well, but then soften that line by either using a cotton tip for an example to make the liner look more ‘smoky’. Or simply run either one of the eye shadows on top of the liner – this will actually make the eyeliner last a lot longer as the waxes of the pencil together with the powder eye shadow will make the liner stay put!!

To finish: apply several coatings of mascara and you’re smoky eye look is done! (Remember – you can do the same look using purple, blue, plum or even brown or grey eye shadows. Just remember to choose two shades to get the effect of light and shade on the eyelids.)

And yes – I always start evening makeup looks by doing the eye makeup first – this way if any eye shadow colour drops on the cheeks it won’t ruin the base!

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