Want Great Coverage With Mineral Based Foundation?

I wear mineral foundation every day but you know what?

Sometimes it feels like I’m rubbing air on my face, not makeup…Ever feel the same?

That’s why I asked my makeup guru Katri to share her tips on how to achieve great coverage using Inika mineral foundation.

Apply a layer of the foundation on so called problem areas, so where ever you require more coverage. These areas are normally around the nose (where skin tends to be redder), the cheeks (especially if suffering from coupe rose), and any areas with imperfections or impurities.

Be careful when applying the first layer of mineral foundation – use smooth, sweeping strokes with your brush (flat foundation brush would be ideal for this step), instead of the standard ‘buffing’ when applying this type of foundation. After you are happy with the first layer of foundation, let it sit for a few minutes.

Then apply the second layer, this time using a kabuki brush and the traditional buffing motion, apply foundation all over the face and neck if necessary. Be a little bit more gentle on the areas needing more coverage though, so that you don’t buff away the first layer already applied. Again let the second layer of foundation set.

Finally, go over any problem areas again that might need coverage, using the flat brush. Yes, you can indeed layer mineral foundations like this – it’s actually the same technique that would be used when using a liquid foundation and concealers & colour correctors! And you can always finish your look with applying a little bit of powder or setting powder to make your base last even longer!

With the eyes and the base now done, finish off by grooming your brows (and colouring them if needed), applying blush and choose a lipstick or gloss that will match the outfit you’re wearing (or your mood) – with smoky you can go with a pop of colour or stick to a nude and neutral shade and let the eyes do the talking!!

Are you a lover of mineral foundation?

The editor of Glossy Press, Katri Richards, is a makeup artist, self-confessed beauty junkie, not to mention a Mum to a gorgeous little boy, named Mika!

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