Interview: Emily Cordes – Happy Tree Pose

I would love to introduce you to Emily and her blog Happy Tree Pose. I’ve been an on and off again yogi (I’m on at the moment) for many years and love connecting with people who share similar passions…So without further ado meet Emily!

Why did you start Happy Tree Pose?

I started Happy Tree Pose at the beginning of 2012 as I wanted to share my thoughts on yoga, meditation and keeping anxiety at bay. I was heading back to full-time study and also ramping up my yoga teaching – writing gave me a creative outlet and a way to share the tools of yoga that have helped me so much in my life.
Quickly my little blog became so much more, in fact, I have now left the study and am focusing full time on teaching yoga and sharing what I know over at Happy Tree Pose!

What are your tips for handling stress?

Stress management starts with giving yourself a break and understanding that stress will arise, it’s a natural part of life and its ok to feel stressed sometimes.
Personally, I have found the best stress-defense to be preventative practice and a good dose of self-care when life starts to get busy. This starts with taking a little time each and every day to find a quiet space to breathe and be present. Practicing yoga-asana or meditating for just a few minutes a day can do wonders for your stress-levels and actually help you rewire your brain to stress less.
When the stress hits the fan, I think the most important thing is to be kind to ourselves. As anxiety rises and panic begins to set in, we need a good bear-hug, baked cookies, walks in the park, long hot baths, and restorative massages.

What’s your favorite recipe?
At the moment I’m all about a simple healthy breakfast. Most days this means a tasty green smoothie, but sometimes I fancy something a little different and my go-to is CADA. This simply stands for Coconut, Apple, Date & Almonds. Seriously yummy, healthy and easy to make!

You’ll need a blender for this one. Add a handful of each of these – chopped apple, coconut flakes, almonds and chopped dates (no stones).

Pulse a few times until you get a consistency you’re happy with, then enjoy with a dollop of yogurt, splash of coconut milk or on its own.

CADA makes a great breakfast or afternoon snack, and I took a box of it on the plane to London with me last month. This combination of flavors is delicious, but apricots work well instead of dates too, and cashews instead of almonds – there are all sorts of different variations you could try!

What is the number one thing you would recommend to a person who wants to improve their health?
Each day, try to find a moment to be quiet and bring your mind into the present. Focus on your breath and take a moment to become aware of all the sounds, smells, sights and sensations around you. Just a few minutes of this relaxed mindful awareness can bring you an instant sense of calm and peace.
What are your goals for Happy Tree Pose?
Happy Tree Pose is a space for sharing what we know and love about yoga, meditation and living a beautiful vibrant life in the present moment. I want to help busy, smart, independent and health-conscious people create a daily mindfulness practice that helps them navigate their lives with more presence, peace, and happiness.

Make sure you have a look at Emily’s blog, it’s one of my new favorites!

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