Restaurant Review: Noorish (Edmonton, Canada)

The second leg of our trip we jetted up to Edmonton for our 3-day Indian wedding! (Photos to come tomorrow)

Even though we had a great time in Vegas, we were ready for some home cooked food and to sleep in a home instead of a hotel, for at least a few nights. The highlights of Edmonton were the people and amazing Indian and raw food thanks to the discovery of a very cool cafe.

Noorish Conscious Choice Eatery and Superfood Elixir Bar is a restaurant, retail store, teaching kitchen and yoga and meditation studio all combined into one! The Elixir bar has some serious superfoods and Chinese herbs and that make my cacao and banana smoothies look incredibly boring in comparison! We went there 3 times while we were in town and became friends with all the staff.

The Elixir bar is designed to inspire a new way of getting high on life through our carefully crafted tonics, elixirs, fresh juices and organic teas, loaded with vitality.

This drink – The Ultimate Jing cost $24 and contains Chaga Mushroom, Eucommia Bark, and Ho Shou Wu. The energy it gave me was unbelievable!

Mixed salads with sprouted chia and sunflower seed crackers.

Faiz and his Bapa drinking the fanciest and healthiest chai tea I’ve ever seen.

Raw pizza with Caesar salad

I would never have expected to find a raw food cafe in Edmonton (Edmonton is very cold making it obviously more difficult to grow veggies) but this cafe was off the hook!!!

Such a cool vibe and filled with such interesting people. I told Faiz if we ever move to Edmonton we have to live nearby!

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