Thankful Thursdays

I have been getting reminders left to right and center on the importance of being thankful. I’ve realized the more grateful I am the more abundance, opportunities and awesome experiences come my way.

So following on from Thanksgiving I’ve decided to start a segment called Thankful Thursdays to remind me to always be thankful, no matter what I’m going through.

This week I’m thankful for…..

Homemade hummus

Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with my blog redesign

My incredibly supportive husband who is always behind me 110%

Watching the final Twilight, come on I know you’re a fan too!

Getting back into yoga

My Kikki K 2013 planner

Catching up with my bridesmaid and amazing friend Sam. Love the His and Her pillow cases and Kate Spade ring box 🙂

My gifted subscription of Flavour magazine – A new cooking magazine which has the most amazing Vitamix smoothie recipes.

Enrolling for 6 months of VIP coaching with one of my all time favorite business coaches (more on this later!)

Connecting with my clients and feeling of value

What are you thankful for this Thursday?

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