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After Edmonton, we headed east to Montreal (said with a French accent, or preferably fluent French). Even though Canada is bilingual, over on the west coast it’s very English and aside from a few signs and airport announcements, French is not very common.

So when I was told in Montreal everyone speaks French, I took it with a pinch of salt. Besides, I did French in high hard could it be to pick it up again?

Very hard apparently!

Montreal is so French. Luckily Faiz’s French is a lot better than mine and if I did a lot of smiling people would often speak English, even if it was begrudging. I loved Montreal, many times it felt like we were in France but one area I did struggle with, even more than the language, was the food!

Which was why I was so happy to discover….

Crudessence is another raw, vegan cafe similar to Noorish or Sadhana Kitchen only slightly more formal. I’m so in love with this cafe. We ate there every day and even took an Om Burger to eat on the plane when we were heading to Miami. Crudessence we miss you! Will you open up a cafe in Sydney, please?

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