Say bye bye to expectations + my tips for NYE

Hey Lovely!

How was your Christmas?

I spent Christmas with Faiz, his Mum, and Step-Dad. We ate, listened to Michael Buble’s Home For Christmas (#swoon) and watched Home Alone.

On Boxing Day Faiz’s cousin and one of my BFFs, Sal came over with her Boyfriend and we watched Home Alone 2. It was the most chilled out Christmas I’ve ever had and I loved it.

There was no pressure on the day to be spectacular.

The presents we exchanged were small (though still lovely and thoughtful) so there was no stress from one person spending a week’s wage on a present only to be met with a book in return (this happened 4 years ago when Faiz gave me a pearl necklace and I gave him the book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People…which I later found out he already had – awkward!)

Christmas is usually full of expectations.

However this Christmas I had very few – my only real expectation was that I could sleep in (which I did for two days in a row!) aside from that though I was happy to go with the flow.

When it comes to Christmas it can be easy to get swept up in the moment and start thinking the day should be one giant bubble of happiness. And when it’s not, or it’s a little short on the rainbows and sparkles we think something has gone horribly wrong and that everyone else is having this amazing Christmas aside from us.

If Christmas didn’t meet your expectations perhaps it’s time give to give your expectations a reality check?

Were your wishes unrealistic? Were you expecting too much? Are you too worried about making sure everything is perfect that the smallest thing flips you out?

If you answered yes that I’ve got some good news for you!

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and is the perfect opportunity for you to practice living in the moment and getting those pesky expectations in check.

This means…


Worrying about what other people are doing

Thinking that everyone else is having an awesome night aside from you


Start being grateful for:


Your friends + family

Your job/business

Your health

Do you get my drift? Appreciate the night for whatever it is for you and don’t get caught up the momentum of believing the night has to “look” a certain way. There doesn’t have to be fireworks, you don’t need to be at the coolest party or be wearing a certain dress. However, you experience NYE is okay – really it’s okay.

So on that note, I’m off to get ready for a coaching call. Sarah has decided in 2013 she is going to make her health a priority, have you? If you would like help in upgrading your health + life in 2013 come and work with me! I’d love to get to know you and help make your goals + dreams come true.

In enjoy the last few days of 2012, I can’t wait for 2013!


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