Me & Mrs Jones Restaurant Review + Eren’s 21st

On Saturday we headed to Canberra for the night for my little cousin’s 21st birthday party! I seriously can’t believe she is 21? Where has all the time gone?!

Growing up neither of us had brothers or sisters, so I took on the responsibility of introducing her to hair and makeup and “dressing up” when in retrospect she was probably far too young and should have been playing with dolls – Sorry for stealing your childhood Eren!

I must say though she has turned out to be amazing young women so my influence mustn’t have been too bad. She’s studying architecture and somehow manages to fit in work, surfing and designing a line of handbags into the mix!

Happy Birthday, Eren! I’m very proud to be your Cousin!!

We both wore green to keep in the festive spirit!
Me & Mrs. Jones is in Kingston, Canberra and has an awesome atmosphere and great food. It’s not long opened so if you’re in Canberra I recommend you stop by and see what all the fuss is about. The falafel and quinoa salad was delicious!

If I don’t connect with you before Christmas I hope you have a fun and happy day wherever you are. Unwind and prepare for 2013 – I think it’s going to be big, actually, I know it’s going to be big! I won’t be posting till Thursday, however, you can sign up to the newsletter for my final Christmas message + gift to you.

All my love,

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