Thankful Thursdays

Thankful Thursdays began after Thanksgiving 2012 as a way for me to stay grateful and thankful space. I hope you Thankful Thursdays inspires you to keep a gratitude journal, write a Thankful Thursdays blog post and count your blessings.

This week I’m thankful for:

New + old friends

Taking a day off to rest and get well

The gorgeous box of goodies sent to me by Each month Notox Box sends their subscribers $25 worth of organic, natural and chemical free products. Check out what was in their December box!

Nourishing Quarter. Amazing food + company.

Dancing + music

My beautiful friend Meredith getting engaged!

V -Nudie juice kindly sent to me by Nudie. Full of fruits and veggies and perfect for my sore throat!

Knowing and accepting that things will happen when they’re meant to.

What are you thankful for this week?

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