11 Ways to Invest in Yourself

The concept of investing in yourself can take a while to get your head around.

I remember when I first heard the words getting thrown on a blog post I was all “yeah yeah I get it, invest in yourself” but I don’t think the concept had fully sunk in until recently.

When I say invest in yourself I mean, care enough about yourself to devote time and energy to improving in particular areas and get the help and guidance you need to fully succeed.

After university, I remember feeling so relieved that I would never have to study again. Little did I learn a few years later I would be studying something completely different and learning daily about WordPress, websites and a whole world of different things.

I continue to invest in my education on a daily basis. Some days I do better than others but the intention is always there.

How can you invest in yourself today?

Is your education, spiritual practice, personal development, health, well-being, finances, fitness, business, career, relationships or happiness in need of some investing in?

Do you need extra support, guidance or purely time set aside to devote energy to a particular area that needs some love and attention?

This week make it your aim to spend half an hour investing in yourself in ways you normally wouldn’t.

Get out your diary and schedule in time, this way it will actually happen and won’t get pushed out to next week or next year!

If you need to invest in your health or well-being I would love to work with you

As of the 1st of February, I will no longer be offering 3-month coaching packages. I will be focusing purely on my 6 Month Cosmopolitan Wellness – VIP Nutrition + Mindset Coaching To Up Your Confidence + Live a Chic Life.

This program is incredible and it’s already given outstanding results, like Kate who has given up sugar (and no longer craves it) and Susan who has lost 5 kilos. You go girls!!

However, if you’re the type of girl who likes options, apply for your Discovery Session now so you have a choice of 3 or 6 months worth of coaching. We can then discuss the two program and see which one is best suited to you and your individual needs.

If I’m not right for you that’s all good too lovely 🙂 But please please please love yourself enough to invest in yourself…

You deserve it!

Speak soon.


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