8 Signs You Need A Food Upgrade

How often do you find yourself buying food products purely because they’re cheap or on special?

Is it once in a while or every time you hit the shops?

When you do buy the cheaper option, does it make you feel good or do you feel like you’re trapped in the body of a poor uni student who can’t afford to buy a loaf of bread?

My story

I used to always opt for the cheapest option. I didn’t love myself enough to spend an extra 50c even if I really wanted a particular brand or product – I didn’t believe I was worth it.

Over time I began to realize that by denying myself of what I truly wanted I was telling the world I wasn’t worthy to have it. So I started to make small food upgrades each time I went to the grocery store.

It’s not always related to cost

I love a particular brand of chickpeas and they just so happen to be economical in price. However they’re organic, I love the packaging and whenever I buy them I think about the gourmet salads I’m going to make!

It’s about how the food makes you feel and the ingredients not solely the price.

Raw Pasta

Do you need a food upgrade?

Take this challenge and see if your shopping cart needs an overhaul.

  • I always buy food on special
  • I usually opt for the cheapest option even if I really want something else
  • Price is more important than quality
  • I wish my weight was different
  • I always feel tired
  • After eating a meal I don’t feel satisfied
  • I’m ashamed to invite people over for dinner
  • I always eat the same thing

If you answered yes to 2 of these questions pick 1 food item and upgrade!

Buy sea salt to replace table salt, buy stevia to replace sugar or buy spelled bread to replace wholemeal bread,

The next week upgrade a different item, do this over time and your food choices and health will improve dramatically.

You deserve to be rich in all areas of your life, including health. Don’t deny yourself this right!


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