A Beginners’ Guide To Juicing

I must admit, I’ve been a very slack on the juicing front of late.

I fell out of the routine when we went overseas for our wedding and I haven’t got back into the swing of things ever since. I’ll juice once a week or buy a juice out (to avoid making a mess at home :S) but my daily juicing practice has well and truly gone out the window!

I’m determined to get back in the habit of juicing daily – It’s really not that hard when it’s part of your routine. It’s just another thing you do and you don’t think twice – it just becomes second nature.

What prompted my return to juicing was an email from my lovely friend Meredith asking for a “Beginner’s Guide to Juicing”. I almost wrote back and said, “I feel like a beginner, the juicer is at the back of the cupboard probably covered in moths!”

But instead, I thought no, I’ll share some useful tips with the hope I might inspire you (and me!) to get juicing.

Jess’ Juicing Tips

  • Drink the juice straight away if possible. Freshly squeezed juice is best drank once juiced as the nutrients start to diminish as time passes
  • If you can’t drink it right away, you can keep your juice in a dark, airtight container, in the fridge for 24 hours
  • What’s the best brand of juicer? I have a Philips QuickClean Juicer, I really like it but in saying that I’ve never used another brand or model
  • My advice when juicer shopping. Choose a relatively affordable juicer, to begin with, you can always upgrade later when you know juicing is for you
  • Juice every day. What every day?! I can practically hear you yelling at me through the screen! Hear me out though… Juice every day for a week and see how it goes for you
  • As Gretchen from The Happiness Project says it’s much easier to do something every day then every second day because it becomes part of your routine. If after a week you want to juice less often, at least you had a good starting point to come back to and you’ll be less likely to give it up completely
  • Juice high sugar fruits in the morning. That way you have the whole day to burn off the sugar
  • Limit fruit juices to 1 a day. This is due to the high sugar content
  • Green juices or vegetable juices are perfect for any time of day

Juicing Combinations for beginners (or anyone not wanting their juice to taste too healthy:)

  • Carrot and cucumber
  • Beetroot, lemon, and carrot
  • Celery, green apple, and cucumber
  • Orange and carrot
  • Lemon, orange, and lime
  • Watermelon & mint

Are you a juicer? What tips do you have for converting someone to juicing?

Love + health,

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