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What is a Holistic Health Coach?

  Over the last few weeks, I’ve been asked by friends, family, and acquaintances what Holistic Health Coaching is all about. In case you were wondering too, I’ve compiled a list of FAQ to keep you in the know…. What

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11 Ways to Invest in Yourself

The concept of investing in yourself can take a while to get your head around. I remember when I first heard the words getting thrown on a blog post I was all “yeah yeah I get it, invest in yourself”

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11 Signs You Need To Take Better Care Of Yourself

You are your biggest investment. And failing to take care of this priceless investment will result in multiple problems. There is no getting around it. You’ll get sick, run down or stressed (or a combination of the three) and the

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Female bloggers and entrepreneurs we need you!

Ursula from The Aspire and I are organizing a morning tea for female bloggers and entrepreneurs! It’s a goal of mine in 2013 to surround myself with more like minded and ambitious women who are passionate about making a difference.

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