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Vegetarian's Beginners Guide

The Vegetarian’s Beginners Guide

  |   Vegan   |   14 Comments

Are you interested in becoming a vegetarian or vegan? One word of advice, don't do it without support! If you try transition to a vegetarian or vegan diet and don’t have adequate support; the chances of you quitting not long after you start are high,...

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Jessica Nazarali & Ursula Williams Schranz

How to be a Healthy Vegan (or Vego!)

  |   Vegan   |   2 Comments

How many of you have heard this? My sister/cousin/lover was a vegan/vegetarian but they needed to start eating meat again because they got really sick. They really wanted to be a vegan/vegetarian but their doctor/mum/life coach said they needed it to be healthy… If you live off carbohydrates...

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Chocolate Balls

What Did You Do For Easter?

  |   Holidays, Vegan   |   1 Comment

 For Easter we went to Faiz's parent's house on the Central Coast. My parents came too, along with some cousins (that's you Sal) and aunties and uncles. It's safe to say the house was full and we ate a ton! My Mum brought the below...

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Chontelle and Jessica

Restaurant Review Yulli’s Surry Hills

  |   Lifestyle, Recipes, Restaurants Reviews, Vegan   |   3 Comments

I know I don't normally post restaurant reviews on Mondays - but this restaurant was so good that I couldn't wait...

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Red Velvet Vegan Cake

Sugar Free and Vegan Wedding Cakes

  |   Health, Our Wedding, Sugar Free, Vegan   |   3 Comments

We have finally paid the deposit for the wedding ceremony, there is no turning back now!  Photo found here  To celebrate the fact we finally have something organised, I have allowed myself to look at wedding cakes! All these cakes are sugar free...

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