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Me & Mrs Jones Restaurant Review + Eren’s 21st

On Saturday we headed to Canberra for the night for my little cousin’s 21st birthday party! I seriously can’t believe she is 21? Where has all the time gone?! Growing up neither of us had brothers or sisters, so I

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Lunch at Earth to Table

I was feeling a little under the weather on the weekend, so we decided to head to Earth to Table for a really healthy lunch! We ordered the zucchini spaghetti, transformation tonic, coconut water and their famous blueberry organic, raw

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Restaurant Review Sokyo

I’ve mentioned before about how much I love Japanese here and here and with Sokyo being one of my favorite Japanese restaurants; it’s funny I’ve never gotten around to writing a review until now. We went to Sokyo last week

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Montreal eats

After Edmonton, we headed east to Montreal (said with a French accent, or preferably fluent French). Even though Canada is bilingual, over on the west coast it’s very English and aside from a few signs and airport announcements, French is

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Restaurant Review: Noorish (Edmonton, Canada)

The second leg of our trip we jetted up to Edmonton for our 3-day Indian wedding! (Photos to come tomorrow) Even though we had a great time in Vegas, we were ready for some home cooked food and to sleep

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