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I often get asked what programs, products and e-books I recommend. In case you were wondering too, I’ve created a list for you!

To be completely honest and transparent with you, I have included affiliate links on this page. Meaning, if you click on a link and purchase the product I will receive a percentage of the money from the sale. This doesn’t change the fact that I think all these products are awesome, I have used them all and wouldn’t recommend them if I didn’t think you would benefit from them too.

Thank you so much for supporting Live Healthy Simply!

Online Programs

Institute of Integrative Nutrition is where I’m currently studying to become a Holistic Health Coach. It’s an awesome program and not focused on any one particular dietary theory. * If you decide to enroll at the institute of Integrative Nutrition I would really appreciate it if you could mention my name as the person who recommended the course to you. I’ll be able to go and buy a buckets of walnuts and coconut oil with the referral fee – Yum!

Denise Duffied-Thomas – I’m coaching with Denise in her VIP program in 2013 and it goes without saying that I’m a huge fan of her work. Her book,Lucky Bitch is incredible and so is her online program Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp.

Lifestyle Transformation Guide by Jessica Ainscough. You would have to be living under a rock if you didn’t know Jess and the LTG. I wrote a testimonial for the program, needless to say it rocks.


I Quit Sugar by Sarah Wilson

I Quit Sugar Cookbook by Sarah Wilson

I Quit Sugar Christmas Meal Plan by Sarah Wilson

I Quit Sugar Xmas Gift Card by Sarah Wilson

May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein

Make Peace with Your Plate by Jessica Ainscough

Healing Recipes by Jessica Ainscough

The Wellness Warrior Live Well Starter Kit

The Goddess Diet by Nadine Lee

Raw & More by Nadine Lee and Hayley Richards

Web Hosting

I’m with DreamHost who are a carbon neutral company if you are looking for an affordable, fast hosting with a conscious company I highly recommend them.

Web Design + Branding

Bob Mitchel from Swoop Design did all my branding. He knew what I wanted from the word go and I was over the moon with the final result. Email him atstudio@swoopdesign.com.au for all your graphic design and branding needs.

Jennifer Gregory (infomediallc@gmail.com) is my Web Developer and is such a gem. She added in so many extra plugins and ideas I would have never thought of on my own.

If you have any questions about these suggestions email me at jessica@livehealthysimply.com and I would be more than happy to help 🙂