11 Signs You Need To Take Better Care Of Yourself

You are your biggest investment.

And failing to take care of this priceless investment will result in multiple problems.

There is no getting around it.

You’ll get sick, run down or stressed (or a combination of the three) and the everyday problems that you use to handle pretty well, start becoming bigger and bigger and harder and harder to deal with… Know the feeling? I certainly use to.

Why is it we are so quick to invest in property, the stock market or buy new clothes or a car but investing in our health, the one thing that has the ability to affect our lives the most, is so hard to do?

The good news is you don’t need to wait until you have a chronic disease, emotional breakdown or have an overwhelming feeling of I just can’t do this anymore! You can start practicing radical self-care now and avoid all the drama and have good health now and into the future.

Sounds pretty good right?

Below are 11 recurring signs my clients experienced before they decided they needed to reprioritize and start taking better care of themselves. If you’re experiencing something similar, it’s time to sit back, reassess and start practicing radical self-care.

11 signs you need to start taking better care of yourself
  1. The last time you cooked something it was 2012
  2. You don’t make time to see the important people in your life and your relationships are starting to suffer
  3. You eat out or buy takeaway most nights
  4. Your not really sure what a balanced healthy meal is, but you’re pretty sure it doesn’t toast for dinner
  5. You feel like you can’t cope, and at any given moment something could come crashing down
  6. You hate your job and it’s negatively impacting your life
  7. You get anxious thinking about all the stuff you have to do, it makes you feel sick
  8. You’re drinking more than you would like, but hey so are all of your friends…It’s normal right?
  9. Exercise hasn’t been a priority in a long time
  10. You wish you were a little lighter in weight…but so far you have done nothing about it
  11. You think you should be further ahead by now with work, your relationships, and life in general… and you’re disappointed in yourself that you’re not

Can you relate to any of the above? We have all been there at one point or another. Life gets busy and we forget what’s really important.

But you can change and you can change your circumstances if you’re not happy. The future is a long time so it’s better off you start making changes now then keep on hoping things were different.

Pick one area and start taking action. Go to the gym, make a healthy dinner choice or schedule in time to see friends and family.

What is one thing you’re going to do this week to start taking better care of yourself?

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What to expect in the 3 months together
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Your investment

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My email address again is jessica@livehealthysimply.com, get in quick so you don’t miss out!

I look forward to speaking with you real soon.


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Female bloggers and entrepreneurs we need you!

Ursula from The Aspire and I are organizing a morning tea for female bloggers and entrepreneurs!

It’s a goal of mine in 2013 to surround myself with more like minded and ambitious women who are passionate about making a difference.

We would really love to meet you and hear all about your business and what you want to achieve this year.

The Aspirer blogging event

The morning tea is being held at Earth to Table which just so happens to make the best sugar-free, wheat and dairy free cakes in Sydney! All guests will receive a smoothie plus cake platters to share.

What if you’re not in Sydney?

We would still love to connect with you! You can never have too much support when being an entrepreneur. Feel free to email, comment or reach out to us. Ursula & I also interview women regularly on topics ranging from health to business so if you’re interested in being part of our interview series please contact us 🙂

We would like as many people as possible to come so feel free to blog, tweet and invite anyone who you think would be interested – the more the merrier!

I hope to connect with you either in person or online soon.

Lots of love,



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Recipe: Lentil and Rice Loaf

recipe lentil and rice loaf

This is another of my Mum’s recipes and one of my favorites. It’s the perfect replacement for meat and tastes great with a yummy tomato sauce if you’re feeling so inclined.

recipe lentil and rice loaf



½ cup brown rice

1 cup red lentils

2 small red sweet potatoes

1 onion – grated

2 cloves garlic

1 cup rolled oats

¼ cup ground arrowroot

½ cup breadcrumbs

2 tbsp tamari or Bragg aminos

1 tsp finely chopped rosemary leaves

2 tsp cumin seeds

1 tsp mustard seeds

2 tsp olive oil

Sea salt to taste


  1. Cook brown rice.
  2. Cook red lentils.
  3. Peel and steam sweet potato.
  4. Heat oven to 180º C and grease and line a loaf tin with baking paper.
  5. Mash sweet potato and combine with onion, salt, garlic, rolled oats, arrowroot, tamari, rosemary, bread crumbs.
  6. In a saucepan, add olive oil, cumin and mustard and heat.
  7. Add red lentils and rice.
  8. Mix all ingredients together and press into loaf tin.
  9. Bake for 40 – 50 minutes. Leave for 10 minutes before removing unless you want it to fall to bits!


Are you a fan of lentil bake? What’s your favourite lentil dish?


Until tomorrow happy cooking!


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Join me for Sarah Wilson’s book signing

I’m kind of a big huge fan of Sarah Wilson.

I love her whimsy, relaxed style and her message on quitting sugar.

I’ll be attending Sarah’s signing of I Quit Sugar print edition and I’d like to ask you to join us too!

book signing

Sarah Wilson

Where: about life, 605 Darling St, Rozelle, Sydney.

Date: Monday, February 4

Time: 6:30pm

Cost: $40

The $40 includes a copy of her I Quit Sugar print edition book (valued at $34.99), samples of the I Quit Sugar recipes and you’ll also get to hear Sarah’s top sugar-quitting tips!

Tickets are available here, or if you can’t make it or aren’t in Sydney you can pre order the print edition here or buy her e-books here.

Oh and if your after some of my sugar-free recipes and quitting sugar tips have a look here.

Hope to see you there for some sugar-free fun!



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Your chance to win…

Want to win a WOTNOT gift pack or an Inspiration book from Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat?

I have 3 WOTNOT Gift Packs and 5 Inspiration books to giveaway as a thank you for answering a short, 10 question survey about Live Healthy Simply.

I sent out a similar survey last year and I found the answers to be so helpful when making decisions on what direction to take Live Healthy Simply.

Knowing what you like, don’t like and the areas you struggle with when it comes to your health helps me keep Live Healthy Simply interesting and more meaningful to you!

A little bit about the prizes

Award winning Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat in the Gold Coast Hinterland offers a complete spa and wellness destination to step away from our busy lives and refocus on health. Experience innovative programs from two to seven days, delicious certified organic cuisine, Australia’s only luxury health retreat villas and the stunning Spa Sanctuary the largest spa in the Southern Hemisphere.

Gwinganna’s gift book of inspirations is based on five key elements of healthier living and is filled with ideas to use at home every day, beautiful images and a foreword by part owner, Hugh Jackman. Available for purchase online, simply visit gwinganna.com.

WOTNOT Naturals was started by Sinead Roberts and Sioned Guard after launching the first environmentally friendly nappy in Australia, Moltex Oko. “As our customers grew to love the quality and eco credentials of the Moltex nappy they asked for complementary products of an equally high standard and with all natural and organic ingredients.

Find out more at www.wotnot.com.au.

Thank you so much for your feedback and helping me make Live Healthy Simply more relevant to you, my dear reader! I value your time and feedback tremendously and I thank you a thousand times over for your input.

Again the link is Much love and good luck!

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