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Brocolli Soup

Recipe: Healthy Broccoli Soup

  |   Savoury Recipes   |   2 Comments

I'm in love with making soups. They're healthy, easy to make and warm on winter nights. My soup making just got even easier now I'm a proud own of Tefal's Soup & Co (more on this in a few weeks!) but today my recipe uses...

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Sugar Free Napolitana Sauce

Sugar Free Napolitana Sauce

  |   Savoury Recipes   |   1 Comment

I often get asked if I’m Italian. Perhaps it’s the hair or the fact that my new last name ends with an I? I’m not Italian but I do love cooking Italian food. Today I'm sharing a sugar free napolitana sauce I made on the weekend, feel free...

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Chocolate Balls

What Did You Do For Easter?

  |   Holidays, Vegan   |   1 Comment

 For Easter we went to Faiz's parent's house on the Central Coast. My parents came too, along with some cousins (that's you Sal) and aunties and uncles. It's safe to say the house was full and we ate a ton! My Mum brought the below...

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