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10 Questions with a Top Doc: Phoenix Dermatologist Izzy Andrews’ Tips for Healthy Pre- and Post-Workout Skin

10 Questions with a Top Doc: Phoenix Dermatologist Izzy Andrews’ Tips for Healthy Pre- and Post-Workout Skin
Dr. Izzy Andrews at Anytime Fitness at Scottsdale and McKellips roads. | Photo by Mirelle Inglefield
Dr. Izzy Andrews at Anytime Health at Scottsdale and McKellips roads. | Picture by Mirelle Inglefield

’Tis the season to begin planning summertime health targets! Based on Prime Physician Israel “Izzy” D. Andrews, a dermatologist at Dermatology Options in Gilbert, there’s far more to trying good than pumping iron and squat jumps. The pores and skin is the physique’s largest organ, and a sweat-inducing exercise can considerably alter our dermis. Dr. Andrews provides us a glimpse into the right way to deal with our pores and skin earlier than, throughout and after train to keep up a wholesome summertime glow.

Is sweat in any approach good for the pores and skin?
There’s a distinction between sweat and glow. The latter is the flush you get after a vigorous [workout] sesh that mixes with the moisture of your pores and skin [to give] your physique a shine… It is a mixture of blood vessels, sweat and endorphins… Sweat is a double-edged sword in the case of the pores and skin. It helps regulate our physique temperature and cools us after we are heat. It additionally removes metabolites and toxins from our physique. We’d like sweat to allow our our bodies to push by these heavy exercises, however the draw back is sweating can clog [pores] and extra sweating [dampens] the pores and skin, making it in order that something on our pores and skin penetrates deeper, for higher or worse… If you happen to put on heavy merchandise like ointments and even mineral sunscreens whereas figuring out, they will create a barrier to the sweat and oil our physique produces, resulting in occlusion of our pores and may contribute to, or worsen zits and folliculitis.

What are some misconceptions about sure skincare merchandise? What would you suggest?
An overwhelmingly vital variety of claims made by cosmeceutical corporations are false, deceptive or overexaggerated… Influencers are doing one factor and one factor solely: making an attempt to promote you one thing. Whether or not they imagine the claims or not, and whether or not they’re board-certified dermatologists – the one individuals who you have to be taking your skincare recommendation from – they’re biased by the revenue they make pushing a product. That being stated, and what I inform my sufferers, is perceive your pores and skin kind and discover a good moisturizer, methodology of solar safety, drink water, eat wholesome, train and observe good pores and skin hygiene, and you’re just about set.

Some folks wish to sweat outdoor within the components with run, hike or bike experience. How ought to they be defending their pores and skin?
Checking the UV index for the time of day you’re figuring out is essential. Happily, smartwatches and apps have this data for you. Solar protecting clothes from corporations like Coolibar, Solumbra, Athleta and even UPF protecting exercise gear out of your native sporting items retailer are a great way to begin. Past that, I’d actually give attention to topical solar safety resembling sunscreen and sunblock. That being stated, alternative of sunscreen and sunblock are going to rely upon the physique space we are attempting to guard. In your extra sweaty and oily areas, I’d suggest a lightweight cream or lotion. These are thinner and fewer prone to clog your pores. They require a bit extra work as they need to be utilized 20 to half-hour earlier than going outdoors, and may get in your eyes inflicting irritation, but when utilized accurately can provide you 1 to 2 hours of solar safety with an SPF 50, [which is] the max I like to recommend. Lotions are higher for much less sweaty areas just like the legs and arms however not a lot for the face, chest and again.

Photo by Mirelle Inglefield
Picture by Mirelle Inglefield

Clearly, suntanning is dangerous, however what are your ideas on self-tanning merchandise?
This isn’t an exaggeration – suntanning is not only dangerous, it’s actually the worst factor you are able to do on your pores and skin. Except for the numerous pores and skin most cancers threat, it ages your pores and skin [and] provides you wrinkles and sunspots. Spray tans are OK so long as you aren’t allergic to the chemical substances used. Ensure you do a small spot take a look at earlier than making use of it to your entire physique. Additionally with sweat, friction and physique warmth, a sprig tan will leech off of your pores and skin onto clothes.

What are the largest dermal offenders discovered on the gymnasium? How do you ward them off?
The largest dermal offenders are literally the small issues. I’m speaking micro organism, viruses and fungi. Any good gymnasium may have anti-bacterial and viral wipes to wash gear to forestall the unfold of those microbes, that are all over the place. Sometimes, I like to recommend this earlier than you utilize the gear. Pores and skin that comes into contact with surfaces that haven’t been appropriately cleaned usually tend to result in issues like bacterial impetigo, folliculitis, viral infections like molluscum warts and sure, even herpes. Allow us to not overlook rest room tile-induced foot fungus… at all times put on sandals or bathe footwear within the [gym] bathe. I’m not an enormous promoter of anti-bacterial soaps and washes after the gymnasium as we now have good micro organism on our pores and skin too, and these soaps are usually irritating to folks with delicate pores and skin or situations like atopic dermatitis. You’ll be able to’t go flawed with cleaning soap and water wash instantly after the gymnasium with an everyday bar of cleaning soap.

Dr. Andrews advises showering immediately after workouts to clean off sweat and bacteria. If you shower at the gym, wear foot protection as the shower may have harmful organisms afoot. | Photo by Mirelle Inglefield
Dr. Andrews advises showering instantly after exercises to wash off sweat and micro organism. If you happen to bathe on the gymnasium, put on foot safety because the bathe could have dangerous organisms afoot. | Picture by Mirelle Inglefield

What are some greatest practices for earlier than and after your exercise to keep up wholesome pores and skin?
Earlier than the gymnasium, I’d guarantee that any merchandise you’re carrying in your face – or wherever else – be washed off given their occlusive nature, propensity to run into your eyes whenever you sweat, and their contributions to zits or hair follicle occlusion and irritation. This consists of make-up, thicker moisturizers, sunblock and serums. Relying in your hair care practices, issues like scalp oils, pomades and leave-in merchandise must also be washed off. Your physique temperature heats up sufficient throughout a exercise and also you dissipate a whole lot of warmth by the scalp, so take into consideration all of the stuff you put on up there melting and masking your hairline… On a microscopic hair follicle stage, it should block pores and break you out. Extra scalp pores and skin occlusion may also contribute to dandruff when you have this already. Ultimate clothes can also be funding for the pores and skin. I’d suggest moisture wicking materials. These materials often incorporate some mixture of nylon and/or polyester to maintain the pores and skin dry so there’s not extra moisture resulting in maceration of the pores and skin. This might help stop irritation and reduce the danger to among the infections overly moist pores and skin is susceptible to.  Crucial factor you are able to do after a exercise is to get within the bathe and wash… It’s that simple! I at all times say, nobody ought to put on their exercise all day. If you happen to can’t hop within the bathe, be certain that to wash your face with a delicate cleanser that has both salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide in it, the previous is gentler on delicate pores and skin. Cleaning wipes are one other good various each earlier than and after a exercise.

 Thoroughly wipe the surfaces of gym equipment before and after using. | Photo by Mirelle Inglefield
Completely wipe the surfaces of gymnasium gear earlier than and after utilizing. | Picture by Mirelle Inglefield

What’s the cope with lotion? Is it not really good to place it on each a part of your physique?
Lotion is a automobile that carries moisture into the pores and skin. By definition, a lotion is an alcohol-based automobile, and whereas which may be a sensible choice for greasy pores and skin or oily pores and skin areas, within the dry, arid desert that’s Arizona, this is able to not be my go-to for different, much less oil-producing areas just like the arms, legs, hips and decrease again. Autos resembling [water-based] lotions and ointments are going to be higher at offering your pores and skin with the moisture it wants. Heavy lotions and ointments needs to be averted in post-pubescent pores and skin on the face as this may result in occlusion and should worsen zits in teenagers and adolescents. Typically, gels, serums and lotions are higher for facial pores and skin.

Is exfoliating dangerous?
In my skilled expertise, I’ve not seen a must exfoliate pores and skin. When achieved too typically or too severely, it may well have damaging results on the pores and skin… In order for you that wholesome glow, drink water, [use] moisturizer and solar safety, and eat wholesome.

Is there a connection between weight loss plan and situation of pores and skin?
Sure, completely! Following a wholesome and well-balanced weight loss plan improves your general well being. In fact, your pores and skin goes to learn from this as effectively. With regards to the gymnasium and exercises, dietary dietary supplements are necessary to debate. Pre-workouts are usually drink mixes loaded with branched-chain amino acids and a great deal of caffeine. These will enhance your metabolic fee and sweat manufacturing. Relying on what else is in these concoctions, [they] can result in some pores and skin issues. Submit-workout, it’s time to hit that protein for muscle restoration. One factor we see in a number of small case collection and research is that whey-based protein can enhance androgen secretion, resulting in extra oil manufacturing within the face, chest and again [and] the onset or worsening of zits. If zits is a matter you’ve got or had and also you need to keep wholesome, acne-free pores and skin whereas nonetheless going for that pump, I like to recommend switching to vegan-based protein shakes [or] simply get your protein from meals like eggs, fish, nuts and meat.

Photo by Mirelle Inglefield
Picture by Mirelle Inglefield

Anything you’d like folks to know?
Train is nice on your pores and skin and your physique. The 2 are associated – you may’t have poor inside well being and count on your pores and skin to mirror that. Issues which can be natural are usually not at all times nice on your pores and skin. There are a whole lot of botanicals and extracts being put in merchandise, which may result in dangerous pores and skin reactions and extreme rashes. Take a look at every little thing you buy on a small space of pores and skin earlier than making use of it throughout. Issues like tea tree oil, witch hazel and inexperienced tea extracts haven’t any empirical proof supporting their use. Nonetheless, natural merchandise can really trigger extreme allergic reactions, so method with warning. Don’t overdo it with skincare merchandise. A whole lot of what’s marketed is exaggerated or blatantly false. You probably have questions in regards to the merchandise you’re utilizing or planning on utilizing, I like to recommend discussing them along with your dermatologist. There are a whole lot of dermatologist wannabes on the market who assume they know the pores and skin in addition to your pleasant neighborhood board-certified dermatologist. This couldn’t be farther from the reality. Dermatologists bear 4 to 5 years of fundamental science, medical, surgical and beauty coaching to be the head of experience in pores and skin well being and skincare. If somebody is providing you with skincare recommendation, verify their credentials. The American Academy of Dermatology web site has ample assets… and has launched a “Your Dermatologist Is aware of” social media marketing campaign to fight all of the medical misinformation.

Dr. Israel “Izzy” D. Andrews is a PHOENIX journal Prime Physician and might be reached at Dermatology Options, 4915 E. Baseline Rd., Gilbert, 480-832-2213, dermsolutionsaz.com


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