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4 Tips for Living to 100: Japanese SuperAger Advice

4 Tips for Living to 100: Japanese SuperAger Advice

Yumi Yamamoto together with her great-grandmother Shigeyo Nakachi, the second-oldest dwelling individual in Japan on the time of her dying in 2021, and with Shitsui Hakoishi, the world’s oldest lively barber.
Yumi Yamamoto/ LongeviQuest

  • Yumi Yamamoto is the great-granddaughter of Shigeyo Nakachi, who lived to 115 years outdated. 
  • Yamamoto additionally works with Japanese SuperAgers as a part of her job. 
  • She shared the 4 habits that SuperAgers share. 

A long life knowledgeable who speaks to SuperAgers daily, and whose great-grandmother lived till she was 115, shared recommendation for dwelling a protracted, wholesome life.

Yumi Yamamoto is the Japan analysis president at LongeviQuest, a corporation that validates the ages of the world’s oldest individuals and collects their tales. She can be the great-granddaughter of Shigeyo Nakachi, who, on the time of her dying in 2021, was the second-oldest dwelling individual in Japan.

Yamamoto has collected a number of recommendation for dwelling a protracted, wholesome life from her great-grandmother and from talking with Japanese supercentenarians daily. She shared a few of her high ideas with Enterprise Insider.

1. Be in line with habits

BI has beforehand reported on among the wholesome habits of the world’s oldest individuals, together with constructing train into their every day lives, and prioritizing group over work.

Yamamoto mentioned that “many of the centenarians and supercentenarians I’ve met are likely to have continued the identical life-style habits all through prolonged durations of time.”

She mentioned that it is the consistency of habits that assist to increase longevity, “whether or not that is persevering with to work after the age of 100 in some type, consuming a glass of sake daily, or climbing the steps three or 4 instances a day.”

2. Have strict self-discipline

It helps to have good self-discipline when holding a constant routine, and Yamamoto mentioned that this was a giant a part of her great-grandmother’s life.

“My great-grandmother was very disciplined and really strict on herself. I believe that her very ordered, very regimented life-style might need contributed to her longevity,” she mentioned.

She additionally mentioned that this self-discipline extends to the consuming and sleeping habits of lots of the SuperAgers she speaks to.

“What I’ve seen in these supercentenarians is that they are very disciplined and even strict on themselves by way of the regimentation of their existence. They do not do something to extra, and that goes not only for meals issues and drink but additionally not staying up all night time,” she mentioned.

3. Do the whole lot moderately

Though they’re very disciplined, Yamamoto mentioned that Japanese supercentenarians do permit themselves to indulge — simply in a managed means.

The place us “mere mortals” may not have the opportunity to withstand consuming a complete chocolate bar, she mentioned, many supercentenarians would by no means eat the entire thing. That is helped by the Japanese observe of “hara hachi bu,” a saying which instructs individuals to solely eat till 80% full.

However, she additionally mentioned that Japanese SuperAgers do not drive themselves to do something they do not need to do — “It’s about having each stability and routine in life,” she mentioned.

Her great-grandmother, for instance, whereas being very disciplined in different areas of life, refused to eat meals she did not like. She hated fish, milk, yogurt, and dairy, so she did not eat these meals, Yamamoto mentioned.

4. Cut back stress

The final piece of recommendation that Yamamoto shared is one thing that many different supercentenarians and centenarians say: do not stress an excessive amount of.

Yamamoto mentioned: “Do not permit your self to be in an atmosphere which is simply too annoying or overwhelming.”

She mentioned that many supercentenarians attempt to “keep a balanced way of thinking and stay composed and dignified, typically regardless of the issues which are occurring round them.”


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