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8 Best Home Saunas, According to Fitness Editors and Experts

8 Best Home Saunas, According to Fitness Editors and Experts
8 Finest Residence Saunas, In accordance with Health Editors and Consultants

<p>There’s no getting around the fact that home saunas are a serious investment, though. They require a ton of floor space, regular maintenance, a sizable amount of electricity to operate, and even the most affordable models cost several thousand dollars. That’s why our editors consulted with the two fitness experts to pull together a list of the very best home saunas available right now.</p><h2>What to Consider</h2><h3>Type</h3><p>There are two types of home saunas: Infrared and dry. The former uses infrared lamps to heat the body at a lower temperature (approximately 120°F to 150°F), so it tends to be more comfortable for prolonged use. A traditional dry sauna uses heated rocks or panels to produce higher temperatures (160°F to 200°F) through dry heat to raise the body’s core temperature and create a more intense sweat.</p><h3>Material</h3><p>Ideally, we recommend buying a home sauna with the most durable materials you can realistically afford. Giordano recommends cedar or hemlock wood saunas as two solid bets, as they heat evenly and consistently. Plus, they look great too.</p><h3>Size</h3><p>Consider the size of your new sauna to make sure it’s large enough to accommodate the maximum number of users at once. However, even if more than one person uses it regularly, you might not need to buy a huge one. “How many people will <em>really</em> be using it at the same time?” says Dalleck. <br></p><h3>Maintenance and Power Requirements</h3><p>Beyond the initial investment, home saunas require routine maintenance and upkeep. Consider the long-term cost of things like cleaning and ventilation. You’ll also want to make sure that your home’s electrical system can handle the increased power load. Some of the larger and more premium models require dedicated circuits and professional installation.</p><h3>Features and Extras</h3><p>While not totally necessary, many of today’s best home saunas offer extra features and add-ons. If you want to really turn your space into a hotel spa, look for saunas with built-in <a href=”https://www.menshealth.com/technology-gear/g38139202/best-bluetooth-speakers/” target=”_blank”>speakers</a>, Bluetooth compatibility, red light options, chromotherapy, and even aromatherapy.</p><h2>How We Selected </h2><p>We researched and vetted more than a dozen home sauna solutions. We compared everything from design and features to build quality and price. With the help of two experts in the field—<a href=”https://western.edu/people/lance-dalleck-phd/” target=”_blank”>Lance Dalleck</a>, PhD., a professor at Western Colorado University, and <a href=”http://www.BespokeTreatments.com” target=”_blank”>Daniel Giordano</a>, CSCS, Chief Medical Officer at Bespoke Physical Therapy—we narrowed our list of recommendations down to just eight. These are our picks for the best home saunas worth buying in 2024.<br></p>”/>

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