“The present follow inflicting a stir worldwide is the OMAD food plan, which means ‘one meal a day.’ Whereas this strategy might help in weight reduction, it might result in dietary deficiencies in the long run. Choosing two meals a day might probably assist offset this nutrient loss. Even Sadhguru’s Ashram follows this sample, providing two meals: one at 10 AM within the morning and one other at 7 PM within the night.

Reinforcing this follow, Sadhguru states, “Many medical professionals have warned me about ravenous to loss of life, predicting numerous penalties and advising particular dietary norms. Nevertheless, I eat just one meal most days—only one substantial meal, and that’s it. Regardless of medical doctors’ issues about my journey schedule, insisting I need to eat each 4 hours, I’ve chosen my path and proceed to fare nicely on it.”


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