Home Exercise Jake Gyllenhaal’s Trainer Shares His Workout for Road House

Jake Gyllenhaal’s Trainer Shares His Workout for Road House

Jake Gyllenhaal’s Trainer Shares His Workout for Road House

FROM THE MOMENT the primary photographs of Jake Gyllenhaal at UFC 285 hit the web, followers marveled on the bodily transformation he made for his function as Dalton, the MMA-fighter-turned-super bouncer main the brand new Prime Video reimagining of ’80s cult basic Highway Home. Gyllenhaal hit the Octagon in essentially the most shredded form the world has seen him over a 20-plus yr Hollywood profession, with abs that jut out from his abdomen just like the molded torso of a children’ superhero costume. The physique tune-up clearly took effort and time, so the true query to ask is how he managed to pack on a lot muscle whereas slicing all the way down to an absurd stage of leanness.

Jason Walsh, Gyllenhaal’s longtime coach, has the solutions. The pair labored collectively to hone Jake’s physique for Highway Home for over a yr, in accordance with Walsh—however that does not imply that it took that lengthy to attain the physique you may see on-screen, or that Gyllenhaal was that stage of ripped for the entire shoot interval. “The way in which he appeared all through the film, there [are] peaks, proper? Individuals do not see the valleys,” Walsh says. “They do not see the time in between the peaks, it simply appears like one steady factor. It does not work like that.”

Nonetheless, to get to these peaks it took an enormous period of time, vitality, and energy from extra than simply Gyllenhaal and Walsh. “I knew at this level that it takes a village,” Gyllenhaal says of the method to constructing his Highway Home physique. That meant working with Walsh, the stunt and battle crew, and a dietician on Walsh’s crew, Ornella Sofitchouk, to dial within the coaching and eating regimen to make the actor look and transfer like a former UFC contender. Finally, although, it was all on one particular person to buckle all the way down to do the work.

“You may have an important coach, an important program, nice crew—none of this issues if you do not have the suitable particular person to do all of it,” Walsh says. “Jake did the work. He earned it.”

Working collectively, Walsh and Gyllenhaal educated onerous to hit these lofty peaks—and shred down to 5 p.c physique fats, from 205 kilos initially to about 184 kilos. This system was break up into a number of progressive phases, beginning with a baseline part to ascertain his conditioning, a hypertrophy part to construct muscle, then a sport-specific part to strengthen the motion patterns he would wish to carry out on digital camera. After that, sustaining muscle was the main target, as the entire course of took over a yr from begin to end at UFC 285.

Walsh broke down the varieties of workouts he used for the coaching plan that constructed Gyllenhaal’s Highway Home physique. Take a look at the strikes beneath—plus some additional particulars in regards to the vitamin plan and a core-centric circuit the pair used to sculpt the actor’s six-pack.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s Highway Home Exercise

Mobility Drills

Walsh used instruments like mobility sticks to extend Gyllenhaal’s vary to movement to get him prepared to coach.

Proteus Movement Machine

The high-tech Proteus Movement machine is the subsequent software Walsh used for Gyllenhaal’s routines. This allowed them to heat up the actor’s joints and establishing the correct motion patterns he’d be placing into apply on-set.


Walsh had Gyllenhaal do strikes like isometric inverted row holds to “improve power and stamina at completely different joint angles.” You may attempt the row maintain Gyllenhaal performs within the video for 3 units of 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off.

Heavy Sled Work

Walsh used the sled to maintain Gyllenhaal shifting with a heavy stimulus, difficult the actor to push and pull the load.

Security Bar Squat

Walsh says that he at all times retains a heavyweight motion as a part of the routine—right here, it is a squat. “We wish to preserve the muscle coordination at a excessive,” he says.

Forearm Drills

Walsh says that grip generally is a “limiting issue” within the gymnasium—in different phrases, your grip may fail on a heavy raise earlier than your different muscle tissue do. To stop this concern, the coach programmed grip drills all through the routine.

Offset Loaded Bag Drills

Walsh had Gyllenhaal work with offset masses, which helped to prep the actor for the MMA-specific actions he could be mimicking on-screen.

Ground Press

Walsh stored the routine contemporary by peppering in several variations of basic power actions, like the ground press instead of the usual bench press. “It is essential to maintain the stimuli broad with variations of reps, units, masses, and completely different tempos,” he says.

Chain Pushup

Like the ground press, the chain pushup supplied one other variation that Walsh may use to change up Gyllenhaal’s chest coaching.

Suspension Coach Push-Pull

“Cross-lateral loading is essential to all sports activities, however particularly to MMA battle coaching,” Walsh says. This transfer, which makes use of a TRX band row and dumbbell press, is certainly one of his favourite variations.

Push-Pull Rips

This train helps to “preserve issues in stability,” in accordance with Walsh. The motion mimics the punching Gyllenhaal carried out on-set.

Climber Sprints

Walsh closed out exercises with conditioning within the type of VersaClimber sprints. The low-impact, full-body machine ramps up the center charge fast.


GYLLENHAAL’S ABS WEREN’T solely made within the gymnasium. He wanted to eat with a plan, too. This meant forgoing his favourite candy treats; the actor likes to prepare dinner and says that feeding household and mates and discovering new meals are “a serious a part of my life.”

He wasn’t skipping meals, although. “On this case, there have been issues that have been taken away, however I had a hell of much more energy that I may devour,” Gyllenhaal says. This proved particularly powerful when he had some points digesting whey protein dietary supplements. Walsh and his crew labored to formulate a complete new plant-based method for Gyllenhaal to drink (which the coach has now launched to the overall market as Rise311). With this adjustment and the steerage from his dietician, Gyllenhaal was capable of nail down the suitable meal plan for him.

The Highway Home Ripped Core Circuit

TO CARVE HIS killer abs, Walsh had Gyllenhaal doing a circuit like this for 3 or 4 rounds 2 to three occasions per week, relying on their coaching frequency.

jake gyllenhaal kb overhead carries

KB Overhead Carries

Press a pair of kettlebells up over your head, flexing your wrists. Squeeze your abs and glutes. Stroll ahead, holding your eyes on the ground simply forward of you.

Ben Mounsey-Wooden
jake gyllenhaal front rack kb carries

Entrance-Rack KB Carries

Maintain the kettlebells at your shoulders, elbows tight to your torso, forearms perpendicular to the ground. Squeeze your abs and glutes to create rigidity. Stroll ahead, holding your eyes on the ground simply forward of you.

Ben Mounsey-Wooden
jake gyllenhaal zercher squats

Zercher Squats

8 TO 15 REPS
Stand holding a loaded barbell within the crooks of your elbows, abs and glutes tight. Push your butt again and decrease down till your thighs are parallel to the ground. Pause for 3 seconds, then stand, squeezing your glutes as you achieve this.

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jake gyllenhaal split stance physio ball chops

Cut up-Stance Physio-Ball Chops

Kneel in your left knee, proper foot on the ground and arms wrapped round a physio ball. Increase your proper knee an inch. Attain the ball up and to the suitable. Drive it towards your left hip. That’s 1 rep. For an added problem, Gyllenhaal grasps a excessive cable-machine deal with and reverses the motion on a 3-count.

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