There are a number of variations of intermittent fasting, which differ based mostly on the period of time you quick and the frequency of fasting.

Though there are many types and variations of intermittent fasting, most contain proscribing meals consumption for 14–24 hours at a time.

One of the crucial in style kinds of intermittent fasting is 16/8 fasting, which includes limiting your meals consumption to an 8-hour interval every day, usually by skipping breakfast or consuming an early dinner.

Different variations contain fasting for a 24-hour interval a couple of times per week on nonconsecutive days or fasting on alternate days.

To be taught extra about intermittent fasting and incorporate it into your day by day routine, you may try “Quick. Feast. Repeat.” by Gin Stephens.


Some analysis means that intermittent fasting could also be notably helpful for ladies.

It has been proven to extend weight reduction to a comparable extent as slicing energy, and it might additionally assist enhance fats burning, scale back insulin resistance, and stabilize blood sugar ranges — which might be particularly helpful throughout menopause.

What’s extra, different analysis means that intermittent fasting could assist assist psychological well being by lowering melancholy and nervousness.

Plus, it has additionally been proven to steadiness hormone ranges in individuals with PCOS whereas bettering menstruation and fertility.

Nevertheless, research recommend that intermittent fasting may have an effect on women and men otherwise and that girls could also be extra delicate to the results of fasting.

Subsequently, ladies could profit from a extra relaxed method to fasting, which may embody intermittent fasting only a few occasions per week, consuming a small variety of energy throughout fasts, or limiting fasting durations to 14–16 hours at a time.

Remember to additionally comply with a wholesome and balanced weight loss plan throughout nonfasting durations to maximise the potential advantages.


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