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Cons of the Popular Diet + Why I Quit

Cons of the Popular Diet + Why I Quit
  • I began the keto eating regimen in 2018, and inside a 12 months, I used to be in a position to lose over 120 kilos. 
  • Though the eating regimen clearly labored, it made me obsessive about monitoring energy and carbs.
  • I ended up over-restricting and binge consuming, and I used to be blind to any science that did not again keto.

I began following the keto eating regimen in 2018, and I misplaced greater than 120 kilos in just below a 12 months. 

However the eating regimen completely destroyed my relationship with meals.

I acquired obsessive about studying diet labels

When making an attempt to drop extra pounds, it is essential to remain in a caloric deficit — when the variety of energy consumed is lower than the energy the physique burns to carry out day by day features.  

I nonetheless monitor my energy day by day, but it surely’s simple to take it too far.

It acquired to the purpose the place I would get anxious if I ate a couple of too many energy, even when the meals itself was comparatively wholesome. 

If I went over my 20 grams of internet carbs, it ruined my day

Most low-carb, high-fat ketogenic diets advocate not exceeding 20 grams of internet carbohydrates (carbohydrates minus fiber) a day.

That leaves little or no room for a lot of something apart from a couple of servings of low-carb greens. You actually cannot have potatoes, rice, bread, or pasta. 

Every time I exceeded this quantity, I felt like a failure simply because I would eaten whole-wheat toast or a banana. 

I had extra binge-eating episodes than I did earlier than keto

French fries.

The extra I restricted, the extra I ended up binge consuming.


As a result of the keto eating regimen is so restrictive, I’d do very well for some time after which inevitably binge after I could not deal with it anymore.

As an alternative of indulging in a small baked potato, I would should have a big fry. 

This won’t be a difficulty for individuals who have not had issues with binge consuming, however realizing I am unable to have one thing solely makes it extra alluring.

I relied on the improper sorts of meals for satiation

I discovered myself counting on low-carb and sugar-free protein bars, cookies, and sweets in addition to high-fat meals like sausage and bacon to really feel full each day.

I knew that protein was essential for muscle tissue, however with out carbs, I had no alternative however to load up on fat to attempt to keep satiated whereas having fun with my meals.

I ended up with restricted meals decisions and intensely elevated levels of cholesterol. 

I started to limit myself a bit an excessive amount of

I used to be a bit too inspired by how shortly the keto eating regimen helped me drop weight, so I began proscribing much more. Along with chopping carbs, I used to be additionally consuming means fewer energy than I ought to’ve been — particularly given my weight and exercise ranges.

I knew I used to be going overboard, however a part of me clung to the success and needed to maintain making issues more durable for sooner outcomes. 

I missed out on wholesome, entire meals that weren’t keto-friendly

quinoa salad

The keto eating regimen cuts out quite a lot of meals with good well being advantages.

istetiana/Getty Photos

Consuming beneath 20 grams of carbohydrates a day severely limits your dietary decisions.

I could not eat candy potatoes, butternut squash, brown rice, quinoa, bananas, oatmeal, beans, and plenty of different scrumptious meals with suspected well being advantages.

I used to be lacking out on some tasty meals and the nutritional vitamins, minerals, and different macronutrients these components present. 

I subscribed to the keto ‘hive thoughts’ that ignored loads of science

Many who comply with the keto eating regimen insist that it is the greatest (and solely) strategy to eat. Some imagine carbs will kill you and demand that anybody who would not comply with this fashion of consuming is blind and ignorant to the divine reality they’ve found.

I do know as a result of I used to be one among them for some time.

However, in actuality, keto comes with drawbacks, dangers, and cons. And despite the fact that this fashion of consuming can profit folks with sure circumstances, many diet specialists nonetheless dub it one of many worst diets.

This story was initially revealed in September 2021 and most not too long ago up to date on January 23, 2024. 


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