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Healthy tips for managing jet lag

Healthy tips for managing jet lag

In the event you’ve ever traveled by air, likelihood is you’ve skilled

jet lag. This momentary situation happens when your physique struggles to regulate to a
new time zone.

Jet lag is infamous for disrupting individuals’s sleep, however it could actually additionally have an effect on
your digestive system, temper, power degree, and talent to pay attention. Most
vacationers want

a day to recuperate

for every time zone they cross.

Whereas some quantity of jet lag could also be unavoidable, there are issues you are able to do
to scale back the severity of its results.

1. Put together prematurely

Adjusting your sleep schedule earlier than your journey will help scale back jet lag. Attempt
going to mattress an hour or two later than normal should you’re touring
west, and an hour or two earlier than normal should you’re touring

In the event you can’t try this, begin appearing as should you’re within the time zone you’re
touring to from the second you step on the airplane. If it’s daytime the place
you’re going, don’t sleep on the airplane. If it’s nighttime, attempt to get some
sleep through the use of ear plugs, sporting a watch masks, or taking some


When you attain your vacation spot, do your greatest to remain awake till it’s
bedtime there.

In the event you can’t make it to bedtime with out a nap, set an alarm so that you’re solely
asleep for half-hour or much less. Napping

too lengthy or too late within the day

can throw off your sleep schedule much more.

2. Trick your physique

One other approach to decrease the results of jet lag is to behave such as you’re nonetheless
at dwelling. In the event you’re solely crossing just a few time zones and staying at your
vacation spot for a brief time period, stick along with your

regular sleeping and consuming schedules.

One other method is to stay awake in your flight and, when you attain your
vacation spot, keep up till it’s time to go to mattress there. That would go away

so drained

that you simply begin sleeping positive your first night time away from dwelling.

3. Keep hydrated

Air journey could cause gentle dehydration, which may make a case of jet lag even

To keep away from changing into dehydrated,

drink loads of water

earlier than, throughout, and after your flight. You also needs to

keep away from alcohol and caffeine. Each promote dehydration and may have an effect on your sleep.

4. Transfer round

Holding your physique shifting throughout your flight could be useful. In the event you’re awake,
it’s best to rise up and stroll round periodically and

do some workouts in your seat.

5. Gentle publicity

Gentle will help your physique regulate to your new time zone. In the event you’ve travelled eight or fewer time zones, attempt to take in some morning
mild should you’ve gone east and night mild should you’ve gone west.

In the event you’ve gone greater than eight time zones east, put on sun shades and keep away from
vivid mild within the morning. Then get as a lot daylight as potential within the
late afternoon.

In the event you’ve gone greater than eight time zones to the west, keep away from daylight just a few
hours earlier than darkish for the primary few days.

6. Be aware of what you eat

Since jet lag can

disrupt your digestive system, present your abdomen some mercy after your flight. Eat small meals till
you’re used to your new time zone, and don’t attempt new meals till your
abdomen has settled down from the journey.

7. Set your self up for a superb night time of sleep

Pack comfy sleepwear and any equipment it’s possible you’ll want that will help you
sleep, equivalent to a watch masks or earplugs, and

ensure your sleep surroundings is cool and darkish. A heat tub earlier than mattress might assist, as might taking


In the event you’re travelling for work, attempt to arrive at your vacation spot a day or
two earlier than your first scheduled assembly to present your self time to adapt to
your location. If that’s not potential, plan out your schedule so that you don’t
need to make any vital choices throughout your first day there.

When you might not have the ability to keep away from jet lag totally, following these
strategies will help make the transition to your new time zone a smoother
one. Protected travels!


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