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A High-Protein Diet Plan to Lose Weight and Improve Health

A High-Protein Diet Plan to Lose Weight and Improve Health

Protein is a crucial macronutrient for good well being.

In accordance with the Dietary Pointers for People 2020–2025, grownup males ought to get not less than 56 grams (g) of protein and grownup females not less than 46 g each day.

Nevertheless, some analysis means that consuming greater than this quantity might aid you lose physique weight and fats whereas retaining and even constructing muscle mass.

Preserve studying to study extra about protein’s function in weight reduction and the way to eat a excessive protein weight-reduction plan.

Why is protein necessary?

Protein is without doubt one of the three macronutrients, together with carbs and fats. It performs a key function within the formation, upkeep, and construction of your organs and tissues.

Protein has many necessary bodily features, resembling:

Protein is made up of a sequence that comprises 20 smaller models known as amino acids. Of those, 9 are thought of important amino acids. They should be consumed in meals as a result of your physique can’t make them.

Protein’s results on weight reduction

Rising your protein consumption might assist promote weight reduction in many various methods.

Urge for food and fullness

Protein will increase the manufacturing of hormones like PYY and GLP-1, each of which aid you really feel full and happy. A 2020 overview additionally discovered that protein reduces ranges of ghrelin, generally known as the “starvation hormone.”

These results of a excessive protein consumption may result in a pure discount in meals consumption.

Metabolic price

A 2018 overview discovered that larger protein consumption might increase your basal (BMR) and resting (RMM) metabolic charges. This might help you burn extra energy for a number of hours after consuming, in addition to throughout your sleep.

Protein can also improve how a lot power your physique makes use of to soak up, metabolize, and retailer meals. That is known as the thermic impact of meals (TEF). The TEF for protein is 20–30%, that means that 20–30% of the energy present in protein are used merely to digest it. In the meantime, the TEF for carbs and fats is 5–10% and 0–3%, respectively.

Physique composition

Protein’s means to suppress urge for food, promote fullness, and improve your metabolism might help you shed extra pounds.

A 2020 overview discovered that rising protein consumption promotes weight and fats loss whereas retaining muscle mass. The authors additionally be aware that top protein consumption has long-term weight reduction advantages and will assist forestall weight regain.

Sometimes, whenever you scale back your calorie consumption, your metabolism slows down. That is partly attributable to muscle loss. Nevertheless, the next protein consumption might help shield in opposition to muscle loss and preserve your metabolic price up.

Different helpful results of protein

Along with its results on weight administration, protein can also assist:

How a lot protein do you have to eat day by day?

The quantity of protein you want day by day is determined by a number of elements, resembling your age and intercourse. The precise quantity can be considerably controversial.

The Advisable Dietary Allowance (RDA) of protein is 0.8 g per kilogram of physique weight (g/kg/bw), or 0.36 g per pound of physique weight (g/lbs/bw).

Nevertheless, the authors of a 2019 overview recommend that this quantity is usually misinterpreted as the perfect quantity. It’s solely the minimal quantity of protein required to forestall nutrient deficiencies and muscle loss in most wholesome people.

Analysis means that consuming extra protein than the RDA might promote weight reduction and general well being. For instance:

  • A 2017 examine discovered that contributors who ate a excessive protein weight-reduction plan of 1.34 g/kg/bw (0.6 g/lbs/bw) for greater than 75% of the 6-month length skilled considerably extra weight reduction than the group who adopted the RDA necessities.
  • A 2016 overview discovered that consuming as much as 2 g/kg/bw (0.9 g/lbs/bw) might assist promote energy and stop muscle degeneration.
  • A 2015 examine discovered that females ages 65 years and older require 1.3 g/kg/bw (0.6 g/lbs/bw) of protein to assist forestall age-related muscle loss.
  • A 2015 overview discovered that consuming as much as 1.6 g/kg/bw (0.7 g/lbs/bw) per day might help promote weight reduction, scale back physique fats, and keep muscle mass.

Consuming protein past 2 g/kg/bw (0.9 g/lbs/bw) might not present further advantages. A 2013 examine discovered that contributors who consumed 1.6 g/kg/bw (0.7 g/lbs/bw) misplaced barely extra fats and had related beneficial properties in muscle in comparison with the group that consumed 2.4 g/kg/bw (1.1 g/lbs/bw).

A excessive protein weight-reduction plan for weight reduction and general well being ought to present about 1.2–2 g/kg/bw, or 0.6–0.9 g/lbs/bw.

So, if you happen to weigh 68 kg (150 lbs), this offers 82–136 g of protein each day.

Communicate with a healthcare skilled or registered dietician if you wish to shed extra pounds and are uncertain about what number of energy and grams of protein you ought to be consuming. They’ll develop a diet plan that’s best for you.

Pattern excessive protein meal plan

Right here’s a pattern menu that gives about 100 g of protein per day. You’ll be able to alter the parts to satisfy your wants.







  • Breakfast: Frittata made with 3 eggs, 1 oz cheese, and 1/2 cup diced potatoes.
  • Lunch: Leftover rooster meatballs with marinara sauce and spaghetti squash with an apple.
  • Dinner: Fajitas with 3 oz (85 g) shrimp, grilled onions, bell peppers, guacamole, and 1/2 cup black beans on a corn tortilla.


Some excessive protein snacks may aid you increase your protein consumption and promote weight reduction.

Methods to comply with a excessive protein weight-reduction plan

A excessive protein weight-reduction plan might be custom-made based on your meals preferences and health-related objectives. For example, you possibly can comply with a:

Listed below are a couple of fundamental tips that will help you comply with a excessive protein weight-reduction plan:

What are the dangers of consuming a excessive protein weight-reduction plan?

Excessive protein diets are usually secure and wholesome for most individuals.

For instance, a 2019 overview discovered that opposite to common perception, excessive protein consumption above the RDA doesn’t trigger kidney issues in individuals with regular kidney operate.

That stated, you might have to eat a low protein weight-reduction plan to protect kidney operate if you happen to’ve obtained a analysis of average to superior kidney illness.

A 2022 overview additionally discovered that nondairy animal protein, complete meat and meat merchandise, and processed meat have been linked with the next danger of kidney stones. Nevertheless, dairy protein was related to a decrease danger of kidney stones.

Communicate with a healthcare skilled or registered dietitian about how a lot protein it’s best to eat every day if in case you have kidney illness.

What do you eat in a excessive protein weight-reduction plan?

It’s necessary to contemplate a variety of protein sources. This will embody animal and plant-based meals, together with:

Are you able to shed extra pounds by consuming excessive protein meals?

Consuming excessive protein meals may aid you shed extra pounds as a result of protein might preserve you satiated for longer and increase your metabolism.

What meals are highest in protein?

Some meals which are excessive in protein embody:

  • poultry, resembling rooster and turkey breast
  • egg whites
  • seafood, resembling shrimp, tuna, and halibut

Protein is a crucial nutrient.

The next protein consumption is linked to helpful results on urge for food, weight, physique composition, growing older, and general well being.

To reap most advantages from a excessive protein weight-reduction plan, unfold your protein consumption all through the day, select high-quality sources, and stability your consumption with wholesome fat and carbs.


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