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Overeaters Anonymous diet program: Does it work?

Overeaters Anonymous diet program: Does it work?

Overeaters Nameless (OA) has a 12-step program that goals to assist folks cut back compulsive consuming and meals behaviors whereas sustaining a reasonable physique weight. Nevertheless, there may be little analysis on its success fee.

In keeping with the OA web site, members of OA vary in weight. Some folks have periodic management over their compulsive consuming, whereas others have problem controlling it. Lots of its members take care of binge consuming, restrictive consuming, consolation consuming, and different disordered consuming behaviors.

The OA program features a plan of consuming and different instruments to assist people concentrate on their restoration.

This text examines whether or not the OA meals plan works. It discusses the success fee of this system, what the OA meals plan consists of, and the advantages and disadvantages. It additionally gives ideas for following a wholesome consuming plan and discusses how OA differs from Alcoholics Nameless (AA).

There’s little analysis on the OA program and its success.

Researchers can’t draw agency conclusions concerning the effectiveness of OA as a result of there are presently solely low ranges of proof supporting its efficacy. These preliminary research lack correct testing and haven’t obtained peer evaluations.

Nevertheless, as a result of preliminary analysis highlights that this system could profit its members, additional analysis may affirm these findings.

The 12 steps of OA are an adaptation of these of AA. A 2020 systematic assessment concluded that AA and different 12-step interventions had increased charges of individuals reaching abstinence from alcohol than established therapies, resembling cognitive behavioral remedy (CBT).

Regardless of this, researchers want to find out whether or not a 12-step program could be efficient for folks recovering from unhealthy relationships with meals and physique picture.

The OA meals plan doesn’t assign a selected weight loss plan and has no place on vitamin. Reasonably, it primarily focuses on abstaining from dangerous food-related behaviors.

This system encourages folks to develop an consuming plan with a healthcare skilled, significantly for these with well being situations and consuming issues resembling:

  • anorexia
  • bulimia
  • diabetes
  • hypertension
  • coronary heart illness
  • low blood sugar (hypoglycemia)

OA recommends reviewing consuming patterns to find out the meals and behaviors which will trigger cravings. It says that if a meals has been a binge meals prior to now, folks can take away it from their plan.

Meals it identifies as probably problematic embody:

  • junk meals, resembling chocolate, branded quick meals, potato chips, and cookies
  • meals containing sugar or sugar substitutes, resembling sweetened drinks, cereals, processed meats, and desserts
  • meals containing fat, resembling butter and different high-fat dairy, deep-fried meals, and snacks
  • meals containing wheat, flour, or refined carbohydrates, resembling sure pastas, breads, and pastries
  • meals labeled “sugar-free,” “no sugar added,” “weight loss plan,” “low fats,” and “low calorie”
  • ethnic and cultural meals
  • meals with particular textures, resembling creamy, crunchy, sticky, chewy, oily, juicy, salty, and doughy

Nevertheless, a few of these classifications will be dangerous. For instance, labeling ethnic and cultural meals as “problematic” demonstrates prejudice and should trigger vital limitations.

In keeping with a 2021 article, the OA meals plan has obtained previous criticism for supporting carbohydrate restriction. Specialists have additionally acknowledged that the plan recommends unrealistic meals guidelines which have an affiliation with binge consuming.

There are advantages and disadvantages to think about when following the OA meals plan.


OA is a 12-step intervention. A number of research recommend that 12-step applications successfully promote restoration from numerous substance-related and addictive issues.

One vital good thing about 12-step applications is that they provide community-level social assist. Member teams and sponsors assist people obtain and preserve abstinence and adherence to wholesome life-style behaviors.

A 2018 article means that combining care from medical professionals and psychological interventions with the OA plan may present long-term assist to people with addictive-like consuming behaviors. This implies it could assist folks obtain their objectives long-term.


Consuming issues could contain advanced feelings, resembling guilt and disgrace, which individuals can have problem coping with. Creating a meals plan and choosing meals selections may very well be triggering for some people.

It is usually vital to think about that consuming issues are sometimes about greater than meals and can have an effect on an individual’s bodily and psychological well being. People who find themselves struggling to deal with binge consuming, emotional consuming, or any consuming dysfunction ought to communicate with a healthcare skilled.

Some specialists recommend that 12-step applications are overly restrictive and may hurt folks’s long-term relationship with meals. Standard approaches to consuming issues have a tendency to incorporate all meals carefully fairly than excluding meals which will produce “uncontrollable cravings.”

Healthcare professionals sometimes suggest folks undertake a wholesome dietary sample. In keeping with the Dietary Tips for People 2020–2025, a wholesome dietary sample consists of:

  • loads of vegatables and fruits in a wide range of colours
  • grains, of which a minimum of half needs to be entire grain
  • dairy, together with low-fat or fat-free milk, yogurt, and cheese or options
  • protein, resembling poultry, lean meats, eggs, beans, and soy merchandise
  • oils, resembling vegetable oils, and meals that include oils, resembling nuts and seafood

Folks can eat small quantities of the next meals and drinks. Nevertheless, they need to purpose to restrict them:

  • added sugars
  • saturated fats
  • sodium
  • alcoholic drinks

AA developed the unique 12-step program for private restoration from alcohol use dysfunction. Many different organizations, together with OA, have tailored the 12 steps for supporting folks with addictions and different behaviors.

OA notes that whereas it’s not affiliated with different 12-step teams, it makes use of the identical strategy to assist folks handle compulsive consuming.

Anybody who is worried that they might have compulsive consuming, binge-eating dysfunction, or another consuming dysfunction ought to communicate with a healthcare skilled as quickly as doable. With out remedy, consuming issues will be recurrent and persist for a few years.

A healthcare or psychological well being skilled can advise people on essentially the most appropriate steps to handle their signs and emotions. Moreover, it may be helpful to hunt out a healthcare skilled specializing in consuming issues.

OA helps folks with compulsive consuming and different consuming issues. It’s a 12-step program that OA tailored from the one which the AA initially developed.

At current, little high quality data exists on the success fee of OA, whereas proof reveals that CBT can assist with compulsive consuming and binge consuming. Extra analysis is critical to find out whether or not the OA 12-step program is efficient.

Making a meals plan is one among 9 instruments OA members use to abstain from compulsive consuming.


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